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Philippine Presidential Elections

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I went to vote just before 9AM. Last time I voted was in the last presidential elections. I'm lucky my name was not removed from the list. Those who did not vote in the 2007 senatorial elections were supposed to have been removed.

Since we would not be having our lunchtime jog, I decided to jog to the voting precinct. I didn't realize how near it was. It only took me 7 minutes. All in all, I had only 15 minutes cardio yesterday. I need to do more tomorrow.

There was a long line outside the school when I got there but it was fast moving. The guard went down the line to tell senior citizens that they did not have to fall in line. They can go inside directly.

Inside, seats were provided in line but nobody sat down because the line kept on moving.

When I was nearing the stairs to go up the rooms where voting would take place, people were crowded around a board to look up their precinct number. Then somebody said if you knew your precinct number you can go on up. 

If only somebody said it sooner! So I went up and we were shepherded into an airconditioned "holding room" to get instructions on how to vote. This was only to regulate the crowd. If the voting precinct is not full, then you would not need to stay in the holding room.

I sat in the holding room awhile just to cool down as I was sweating hard from my jog and the heat outside.

Anyway, it took me about an hour in total to complete the process. I would say it all went smoothly. It's looking like Noynoy Aquino will be the next Philippine president.


MrsMartinez | May 13, 2010 at 8:59 AM  

buti ka pa , you get to vote! I only found out I was deactivated the day before the election which was a bummer, if you asked me.

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