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Mommy, Mommy

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I wonder how long before my daughter gets over separation anxiety. It's funny that she doesn't get upset when Daddy or I leave for work. Because I've been reading up on separation anxiety, I began a ritual early on to kiss and hug before I leave and say, "See you later"! I guess this helped her understand that Mommy leaves in the morning but will always be back in the afternoon.

It's a different matter when we're home. I cannot leave her even for a moment. She cries when I'm out of her sight. She cries even if she can see me but I'm a few steps away. I don't understand what causes her to get upset. She would also get this way with Daddy. And she gets very upset when Daddy leaves for duty.

She even wants to go with me or Daddy when we go to the bathroom. When she's left outside of the bathroom she peeks in and keeps on calling Mommy, Mommy or Daddy, Daddy.

So I warn her in advance, if I have to go out of the room, I tell her, Mommy is going to the bathroom to go weewee or Daddy is going on duty now but he will see you later. A little improvement but not much.

Has this happened with your baby? What did you do?


Pediatric Dentist

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yesterday I visited my office dentist to have my teeth cleaned. I had an appointment with the one who comes only once a week, sort of a reliever for the other dentists. She told me I was brushing my teeth wrong which caused abrasions on some teeth. This reminded me that I needed to get Via's teeth checked. I asked her if she knew of a good pediatric dentist. She opened her white coat to show her name on the scrubs she was wearing under. It said under her name, "Pediatric Dentist." What a great coincidence! I had thought it would be hard to find one because I've never heard of dentists for children before. So I asked for her card and made a mental note to bring the Twerp soon.

I've been concerned for a while about Via's teeth because she now has a full set for her age. I've read that milk formula is the number one culprit for tooth decay in children. I've been obsessive about brushing Via's teeth but she always has to have milk before going to sleep at night and there's no chance of brushing her teeth again. I can't give her water because the moment she finishes her milk, she's fast asleep. Haven't been able to cure her of that habit. I'm thankful that her teeth doesn't show any signs of damage yet.


Helping Hand

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My daughter loves to imitate us grown ups at home. Whatever it is we're doing, she also wants to do it. She especially likes helping with household chores. Of course she is unable to do the job well but I encourage her whenever she wants to help out. It will get her used to helping around the house but more than that, being able to contribute will make her feel important and accomplished.

Whenever she spills her drink, she runs to get a hand towel to wipe it up. Probably because I always freak out when she makes a mess. "Via, see the mess. Mommy needs to clean it up now." She knows how to "tapon" trash in the waste basket. I shower her with praises whenever she does these things and tell her what it was she did that got her praised. "Very gooooood Via Boo." It's a great way to learn.

Toddlers don't have an idea of what is play or work. They just want to be involved and do what adults do. Simple tasks in which toddlers can help are watering plants, asking them to get specific items such as Daddy's shoes, and setting the table.


It's Not Fat, Just Big Bones

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I had my unruly, wavy hair "relaxed" last week which took almost 3 hours. I got to read a lot of old magazines in the salon and wanted to share what I read in Women's Health about how to determine whether your body build is small, medium or large frame. 

Just take a tape measure and measure your wrist. 
  • 5.25 - 6 inches is small frame
  • 6 - 6.25 inches is medium frame
  • over 6.25 is big frame
Mine measured 5 inches which makes me small frame which means I need to lose a lot more weight than I thought. More work at the gym for me. My friend Bex' wrist was just a tad over 6.25 so I told her she can always say, I'm not fat, I'm just big boned.


How Rude!

Monday, August 16, 2010

We were at Powermac in Megamall Cyberzone yesterday looking for a cover for P's ipad. The store displays all the ipods and macbooks, etc. they have which people can try out. The ipod touch caught my eye because it was showing new games. Via and I went over there to check it out and P soon joined us. We were discussing which games to download when we were rudely pushed by a chubby boy of about 7 years old. I turned to look and he kept on shoving himself between us trying to get to the ipod touch all the while pushing P and me away with his hands. I heard a woman behind us, who I assumed was his mother, weakly call out something like "Aki." Probably his name. That was all. She went on about her business and the boy kept pushing us out of the way. I stared at the boy in disbelief. I have never seen such rudeness! I wanted to stand my ground and see what he would do next but then I thought, never mind. He's not my kid. 

I noticed that many kids these days lack manners and are loud and obnoxious. It bothers me even more that they seem to come from middle to upper class families and go to exclusive private schools. We seem to be raising a generation of brats and kids who feel entitled. Parents often don't have time to teach their children the values that were taught the generation before because they're busy with work or too many modern-day concerns. These kids are also given toys that cost a month's salary for some people.

It makes me worry what kind of world my daughter will be growing up in. I hope we are able to teach her old fashioned values and lay a good foundation before she goes off to school and be exposed to other children who might have a bad influence.

Small children should also not be given high tech, expensive gadgets as toys. It sends them the wrong message of having something expensive and not earning it. Also, it discourages them from going out, socializing and playing with other children their age.

Raising children is a big responsibility and very challenging, but more so in the environment that we are in now.


This Video Made the Twerp Cry

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Via and I were watching sesame street videos on youtube last night and I found this video of Andrea Bocelli singing Elmo to sleep. I thought it was a good one to watch as it was also time for bed.

While watching, I saw tears pooling in Via's eyes. After a while I saw her mouth quivering. The song made her very sad!


Hip Accessory

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

These bracelets were made by my friend Girlie (she calls them breloques). I love how colorful they are. I am into simplifying these days and that extends to accessories. These make plain office clothes come alive.


If you like them, there are more styles to choose from at her multiply site.


The First Time

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Been telling the Twerp for the last couple of months that whenever she feels like doodoo or weewee to let us know and go sit on her potty. Well she's been telling us she's doodoo but always after the fact. Or she says she's going doodoo and we get her seated on her potty but nothing comes out.

Last Sunday, I heard her tell yaya that she's doodoo again. Yaya asked her, are you doodoo? are you sure? but not really leading her to her potty. Yaya must have thought it was another false alarm. So when she was ignored, she came to find me and said, Mommy...doodoo..doodoo. I looked in her diaper but found nothing. Nevertheless, she kept saying doodoo so we went to the bathroom and I got her seated in her potty. She was holding a comb in her right hand and an ipod on her left. She didn't let go of the items in her hands but when she sat in her potty she screwed up her mouth and started pushing all the time gripping the comb and ipod very tightly. After a while I heard a plop! Sure enough, the plop was poo. She finally did it! I was so happy with her and showered her with praises. I hope she remembers to do it again until it becomes a habit.


Breakfast on Sundays

Monday, August 2, 2010

Having a big breakfast on a Sunday morning is one of my favorite things to do. Sipping coffee slowly, reading the newspaper and just whiling the morning away. I got to do it yesterday. Daddy had hospital duty early morning and the Twerp and I walked him outside. When he left, Via and I took a walk looking for a place to have breakfast. 

Pancake house was closed so we walked on and ended up at the Podium. Given the choice of Cafe Breton, Starbucks and UCC Cafe, I chose UCC.

I had the Filipino Breakfast Medley (longanisa, tocino, tapa with scrambled egg, fried rice and Japanese salad). It also came with freshy squeezed orange juice. I ordered a cup of warm milk for Via in case she wanted milk. We shared the meal with Via eating the scrambled egg.

I'm so happy that she knows how to behave in a restaurant. We always take her along whenever we eat out and let her feed herself so she got used to it.

I highly recommend breakfast at UCC Cafe at the Podium. The food is so good and worth the price. The place had a decent number of diners for breakfast, mostly families with kids and expats.

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