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Finding Comfort

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just like adults, children have their own ways of finding comfort. Adults may find comfort in food, shopping for clothes, or going to a spa for pampering. Children have their pacifiers, stuffed toys or baby binky.

When Via was an infant, I bought her a soft, red, stuffed puppy intending for it to accompany her in bed when she gets older and provide her comfort. Since then she has accumulated quite a few stuffed toys as gifts and one by one they became the favorite until a new one comes along. This stuffed sheep became her favorite for a long time until Elmo came along.

None of these stuffed toys, however, became her comfort when she goes to bed at night. When she was a few months old and still unable to hold her milk bottle, we held it for her while she held onto our fingers. As she got older, the habit stayed with her. Now when she goes to sleep at night or takes her milk in the bottle, she has to hold onto my hand until she falls asleep. Lately, it's more than hand holding. She would put her arms around me or Daddy until she fell asleep. It's really so sweet but when it's time for her to have her own bed, I imagine we will have a hard time during the transition. For now though, I'm enjoying those little chubby arms around my neck.


The Young and Old

Monday, October 25, 2010

My 96-year old aunt who lives in the province has been asking me to visit her since my daughter was born. She came here in city around the time of my due date because she wanted to stay with me in the hospital. Imagine that at 96! However, I gave birth 2 weeks early so she saw Via at 2 weeks old and hasn't seen her since then. We finally got to visit her last month which made her very happy to see her grand niece. I'm glad she saw Via at 21 months. I hope we can visit her again soon.

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Quality Time

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have had very little time to spend with the Twerp lately because of work which brought "quality time" to mind. Many busy parents try to spend "quality time" with their children with what little time they can spare from work commitments.

But does quality time really help? Or are we just comforting ourselves by saying we spend quality time with our children even if it's just half a day on weekends?

I'm trying to make the most of the time before I go to work, having breakfast with her and after work playing a little. Daddy is also unable to spend much time with her since he has hospital duty. It helps that my office is walking distance from where we live but still, I feel that it's not enough and this is when she needs our presence most. She's learning and discovering new things everyday. I feel it's vital that we are there to guide her. In my case it's just two months out of a year during the peak season at work but how about parents whose schedules are busy all year round? Do children really benefit from "quality time" of maybe a few hours on a weekend when they spend the rest of the week with caregivers?


Swimming is Fun!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Twerp's first dip in the pool was at one month old. Just a quick dip. She didn't mind the cold water at all. Since then, we let her play in the water to get accustomed to it. This picture was taken when she was one year old and she thoroughly enjoys "swimming."

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Is It Too Early?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Twerp is almost two and it's amazing how quickly she learns mentally and physically. But how about manners and proper behavior? I've been thinking about it because this is the way she prefers to sit. This is at Sabbath School and she's sitting in front, not really paying attention to the teacher but doing her own thing. See how she's sitting with her back to the others, the board and the teacher there in front. And she likes sitting  in the chair like that, like a boy.

I just let her be. There's time enough later to teach her these things or else she'll pick it up from me or other females and little girls. I enjoy watching her and everything she does, why she does them. Kids are just really amazing.


A Plane Ride

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Twerp's second time on an airplane at 21 months. She enjoyed looking out the window at the clouds and the islands below. The plane ride was only about an hour.

Her first time on a plane was for a longer trip. She was 1 year old then. We did not have any problems as she asked for milk on take off and fell asleep. Same thing on the flight back.

This time, aside from looking out the window, she kept busy looking at the magazines and check out the seat, the tray table, the window shade, just about anything she could get her hands on.

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A New Yaya

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Twerp's yaya (caregiver) got pregnant so we've had to look for a replacement. I know it's very hard to find a yaya. The new one arrived last Thursday recommended by my cousin who first took care of my toddler. I was hesitant to get her because she's in her 50s. I prefer a young yaya who can get down to my toddler's level and have the energy to play with her.

Yesterday, preggy yaya went off duty promising to come back today. P's already been annoyed that she takes off overnight for more than 24 hours. He thinks she's taking too much time off but she's leaving anyway and trying to sort things out with her family. I thought it's a good time to ease Via into the new yaya. I had new yaya bathe Via and she cried all through the bath. I had her give Via her lunch and all she did was cry until she fell asleep with eating a bite. It's only been 2 days but Via's not taking to the new yaya at all and sticking to me like glue even more.

My aunt called yesterday saying that she might have a younger yaya for me, her neighbor's helper that's leaving her employment. I want to get this one but the older yaya is already here. Taking both of them to see which one works out well is an expense I can't afford but am tempted. In any case I don't know how to tell the other one we're letting her go for the younger one since she left her previous employment for us. What to do? What to do? This is an issue I knew would come and it's always made me anxious because I've been reading and hearing so much about yayas abusing children under their care. We really have to choose carefully and not just settle for the first one that comes along. Hopefully, she works out well.

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