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The Darnedest Thing!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

We recently remembered our loved ones who passed last November 2, All Soul's Day.

In Via's art class in school, they did the same thing by making art that was relevant to All Soul's Day. Via made a candle for his Lolo and wrote this at the back.

"I pray for my Lolo because he married three wives and I still pray for him."

I would have loved to see her teacher's face when she read that. Ha-Ha!


It's Halloween!

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Twerp attended Enopi's Treats and Treats Blowout. It's a special treat for all their students and they got to bring along a friend. Via invited her friend Jiyeon.

She told me that, "Jiyeon will come as a Viking or rather...a Vi-Queen...because she's a girl. Via went as a Cat. A Blue cat! I wanted her go wear her Frozen ballerina costume since she only wore it once but no dice. She has her own mind now. She told me that, as a Blue cat, she would wear black leggings, a plain white T-shirt and her blue jacket. Fine!

I had trouble finding blue facepaint seeing as it's almost halloween and costumes, facepaint, etc., were all out in stores.

So I went to Watson's to see what could be used for facepaint. I found a BLUE KOHL EYELINER that was perfect for drawing cat's eyes and whiskers. She loved it!

Here are the Blue Cat and the Vi-Queen!


Happy Halloween!


Comfort Food

Saturday, October 17, 2015

There's nothing like having your favorite comfort food on a rainy day and the best kind are comfort food from your childhood.

I had a sudden longing for my comfort food from childhood while watching Via eat her Tuna on Rye. Everytime I go to my Mom's office, I eat chicken barbecue with Java rice and achara. Always without fail. It's still one of my favorite food which always brings me back to 70s PNB head office in Escolta, the canteen at the third floor. It was always such a treat!

Now whenever Via comes to my office she has to have Tuna on Rye. Always.

My chicken barbecue looked like that of Aristocrat's. It remains to be seen if she will feel the same nostalgia for her childhood when she sees a tuna sandwich the way I feel when I see chicken barbecue.


Summer of 2015 Roundup

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer just seemed to zoom by. I can't believe it's the middle of the year. Soon it will be Christmas once again.

What did the Twerp do during the summer? I tried to fill it with activities.

So she had swimming lessons, children's theater workshop, voice workshop, and eye level math. She also had playdates with her bestfriends. Still, it can't be helped that there will be times when there is simply nothing to do. So I allowed her to watch TV and use the iPad which are not allowed on weekdays during the schoolyear. It didn't help that start of classes was pushed back a week because renovation of the school was not completed on time. *Sigh* It was a relief when classes finally started on 22 June.

Swimming lessons were effective. She now knows dog paddle and freestyle. Freestyle with breathing is a bit of a challenge but we shall continue to practice. Final day was in the deep diving pool to see if she could move on to intermediate. She passed....barely... as her coughing was really bad. So next year on to intermediate level.


Trumpets Playshop and a voice workshop at my office helps build confidence and she learned to at least follow the tune instead of making up her own :) She also had fun getting to know the other kids. Some of them she discovered later also went to the same school she did.


We also checked out the newly opened Dream Play at Dream City. She liked cooking with Gingy but was disappointed that she couldn't do to wall climbing and the ropes since there was a height requirement.


Had a staycation at Solaire Resort Hotel. We both enjoyed the big pool. The water was warm and there was a shady part so we wouldn't get too dark.



A hair makeover before the start of school. We had sparkles put it. Nice touch :)

An fun summer to be sure!


Falling in Love with Baby

Friday, February 27, 2015

Some mothers say they were already in love with their baby while pregnant.
Some mothers fell in love as soon as they held their baby in their arms after giving birth.

It was not the same for me.
I was never fond of children. Which was just as well because I thought I was incapable of getting pregnant. I did not have room in my life for a child at that point. 

I happened to mention to my friends during lunch at work one day that I did not have my period for two months and must be starting menopause. They said, of course not. Get a pregnancy test kit. I told them it was impossible for me to be pregnant and that I was sure that I was not pregnant. To prove them wrong, right after lunch, I got a pregnancy test kit from the pharmacy and did the test.

What a shock I got to see two lines! I thought that it was impossible. The test must be wrong. That weekend I went to a doctor who confirmed that I was pregnant - 10 weeks. She could already hear the heartbeat! I was stunned!

It was a very easy pregnancy. I even played badminton up to my 6th month. Although I gave birth by caesarian section, I had an easy time too. 

I dutifully went several times a day to the newborn nursery to nurse my baby. I learned how to care for her at home and quickly established a routine. At that point I would willingly take a bullet for my baby girl. But I was not in love with her. I remember thinking it was wrong. That maybe I didn't have a mother instinct. 

Watching her go through development milestones, her personality began to come out. Little by little I was smitten. I think it was when she started walking at 10 months and picked up my 2 lb dumbbells in each hand at 11 months that I realized......I love her!

Now she's 6 and I love her a little more each day, if that is possible. She earned my love by being loving, affectionate, perceptive, obedient. She amazes me with what she does, what she says, the promise of being capable of something really special.

Now I am truly, madly, deeply in love with my baby and my love grows each day, it grows along with her.


Winnie the Witch

Sunday, November 30, 2014

For Via's end of book month book character parade in school, we decided she would go as Winnie the Witch. Actually, it was the easiest among the list of books the kids were to choose from.

It turned out well didn't it, complete with broom and magic wand. She was especially happy with the pearls  :)


Lost First Baby Tooth

Who lost her tooth today?

The lower front tooth has been loose for a couple of weeks now. Finally today, she pulled it out herself.

Happy that she doesn't have any cavities. I hope same with her coming permanent teeth.


Intentional Parenting

Saturday, November 29, 2014

In all my life I have never participated in any outreach mission in depressed areas. When Yolanda happened, I wanted to volunteer for crisis debriefing and stress/trauma counselling but that was shut down before I could sign up.

Today, Via and I joined my office's outreach mission in Isla Pulo in Malabon. It was a very enriching experience for me and I hope my daughter learned something from it too. It IS better to give than to receive. 

Since I had Via, I made a conscious effort to change because if I wanted a daughter that was grounded, giving, compassionate, patient, respectful and God-centered, then I had to be that way too. Which I wasn't. I grew up spoiled and indulged and only thought of myself. I sound really awful, don't I?  I wanted Via to not be like me. I'm glad I learned more about intentional parenting from CCF (Christ's Commission Fellowship) and their Counterflow parenting workshop.

It's still a struggle to change but just looking at my daughter's face reminds my to get back on track whenever I am backsliding.


Still on the Tough Question

Monday, October 6, 2014

Well the follow up question came sooner that I thought.

Via is a big fan of EvanTubeHD and she was watching the EvanTubeHD Commentary on Best 2013 Super Bowl Commercials the other night. One of the commercials was for Kia where a family was in their car and the little boy wanted to know where babies came from.

That got her started again about how babies became well...babies. I repeated my reply a couple days ago that babies start from something like a little seed. Via said, it's not really a seed, it's an egg. I told her that she was right. It was from an egg.

Then she said, how did the egg get inside of Mommy?

I said, well...all girls have eggs. She said, what?! and started to cry, "I don't want to get cut up!"

Okay, this was getting serious fast! She knew about the cutting up because I had a caesarian section.

I said wait, wait, wait! You don't have eggs yet. You're still a baby. When you get your mentruation at may 12 years old, that's when you have eggs. Menstruation is when you see me wearing my diaper. But that still doesn't mean you'll have a baby. You will learn all about it in school later.

She was focused on her fear of being cut up so I told her it's not the only way babies come out. She said where? I said through the peepee. 

What?! No I don't want that! That's ouchie!

I really wasn't handling it too well. She took me by surprise. So I said, let's not talk about this right now because you're getting upset.

Oh dear, let the next time be in a few years please!


A Tough Question

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Photo from Buzzlefeed
I have always wondered at what age my daughter would ask these difficult questions. She was about 3 when she asked what pregnant is. I showed her a picture of myself when I was pregnant and told her that it meant a woman was having a baby. I even  showed her the ultrasound video of her stretching inside my tummy. That was enough for her.

But now she asked me, how did she get in my tummy? Hmmmm....that had me stumped a bit that I stalled and asked her what she said because I didn't hear her clearly. I didn't want to say that she wouldn't understand and that I will tell her when she's older. I wouldn't be satisfied with that.

Finally, I said that she grew inside from from a little thing like a seed. She grew a little each day and growing hands and feet, etc. Whew! I guess that's all right for now but I dread the next question. Where the "seed" comes from?

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