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Angel of the Morning

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Every morning when I go to work, I need to cross a very busy street. It can take several minutes before there's a break in traffic so one can cross without running or dodging vehicles with no intention of stopping or slowing down.

A couple of months ago, this was officially made a pedestian crossing and painted with white stripes that denotes it as such. However, as we know Philippine motorists don't respect pedestrian crossings. So, it didn't really help much.

Then one day, as I was waiting for a break in traffic, this security guard in our office bravely walked in front of the cars with a sign saying STOP. Wonder of wonders, the cars did stop! And I was able to cross without waiting too long or fear of getting sideswiped.

From then on, he was there every morning stopping traffic for pedestrians to cross safely.


The Simple Life

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A few years ago I came across this book by Bo Sanchez called Simplify and Live the Good Life.

I thought it was exactly what I needed improve my finances and quality of life. I was caught up in the consumerism of the world we live in now and amazed at how simply he lived his life. Being contented with things like a second hand car and jeans from Divisoria, I realized how materialistic I had become.

However, realizing it and putting it into practice were two different things. But I gave it a try beginning with my mobile phone. My Nokia 6600 at that time was dying and I thought of buying a cheap and simple phone. I settled on a sony ericsson Z300 that had no additional features.

All it could do was make phone calls and send text messages. It didn't even have a camera. lasted all of 1 month with me. I was bored to tears. It didn't even have a decent game to pass the time. I promptly sold it and bought a Samsung X820. Still relatively affordable with nice features. I guess I shouldn't have started with mobile phones.
So now, I will start with limiting eating out; distinguishing between needs and wants before buying anything; and looking for acceptable cheaper options.

Regarding mobile phones....well that's a different story.


What's Your Addiction?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Over the years I have been obsessed (don't want to call it addiction) with one thing or the other. Shopping, nail polish, frappucino, cellphones, jewelry, etc.

Now it's badminton! I loved it from the first time my friend Maciel and I tried it in October 2003 (outdoors on the street when I was a kid doesn't count). We only played Sundays for maybe 1 month or so then something or the other would come up and our game would be canceled.

In January 2004, I joined the Badminton Club at the office and started playing regularly, that is, once a week - Tuesdays. After 2 months, a beginner's clinic was offered at the office. I was one of the first to sign up. I was really hooked and hungered for more training. A friend from the office, Jasper, shared my enthusiasm. He was the one who found the Asuncion Badminton Center where we enrolled for training, and the one offered by Jaime Junio. He also looked for groups to play with. After he found a group he thought was alright, I would tag along.

I started playing badminton once or twice a week, then thrice a week. There was even a time I played 7 days a week. I also started going to the gym which would help me improve in the game. The lengths I went to just to play badminton. It was fun too. I got to meet people from all over and became good friends with a few of them.

Now being pregnant, I was told by my OB Gyn to stop playing badminton. I haven't played in two months. The last time I played was May 22. I remember the date exactly. The next day I found out I was 11 weeks pregnant.

Yesterday though, P asked me if I wanted to play. Just hitting, not a real game. I perked up! Just hitting should be alright. I've read up a lot about exercising while pregnant. Basically, as long as it's a sport or exercise that you've been doing before the pregnancy, you should be able to do it while pregnant, at a lesser intensity and with the blessing of your OB Gyn. Of course, my OB forbade me to play. But what does she know about the game ;-) I was careful though. It was so much fun. I hope we can do it again next weekend.

P.S. my friend F said I was truly addicted to the game.


Having a Baby

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I have given up any hope of having a baby long time ago. Not because there was something wrong with me or my husband. We consulted several doctors after we were married to find out if everything was in order as we did not want to have a baby right away. Maybe after 2 or 3 years. All the doctors we consulted said I could get pregnant without any problem. The reason why we didn't have a baby is more complicated and hard to believe. Even my lawyer, when I filed for annulment a couple months back, could not believe it. And it's not impotence :)

But life can really be full of surprises. I am beginning a new life for myself and here I am, 4 and a half months pregnant with my first child! I was already 11 weeks along when I found out I was having a baby. Almost done with the first trimester! Some of my friends asked how I could possibly not have known sooner. Well for one, I thought it was menopause. HAHA! 

I was asked questions like: Haven't you had any morning sickness?; Didn't you feel fatigued?; Cravings for certain food? etc. All the symptoms of pregnancy that I must have had in the first trimester were easily explained away in my mind which is why I never even for a moment considered that the reason was being pregnant:

  • missed period - I had some spotting which could pass as menstruation.
  • frequent urination - I've always been unable to hold my bladder for too long
  • fatigue - I play badminton 3x a week until midnight. Sometimes I don't get enough sleep so I feel fatigued.
I haven't had any food cravings or aversion; no morning sickness or nausea and no heightened sense of smell. In fact, I can't smell anything as I have allergic rhinitis. Plus, I would never have thought I would even get pregnant at my age.

When I first learned about that I was pregnant, I panicked. I was not ready to have a baby. I was starting a new life for myself. And although I already said that it was something that I thought would never happen, at the back of my mind I always wondered and wanted to try. That is after getting my life in order, I had planned to go to a fertility specialist or something and find a "donor".   :)

After a couple of days of worrying about this and that, I finally decided to let go and leave it up to Him. Then I felt at peace and began to feel excited. Until now, when I look down at my growing belly, I still cannot believe it sometimes. I'm actually pregnant! I'm having a baby!



Monday, July 7, 2008

Dito sa division namin walang magugutom. Kung wala kang pera o di kaya walang oras mag almusal o basta gutom ka lang...punta ka lang sa center table o kaya sa file room...palaging may pagkain.

Tulad ngayong umaga, ito ang meron sa file room. Yung PANDESAL na malaki pa sa plato, spaghetti at cupcake.

Eto magaaalas dose na di ko pa maubos kaya hindi na ako kakain ng lunch. Busog na busog na ko.


Captive Victim!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

P who's a medical student told me that they have recently been shown how to draw blood for blood testing. They will have a practical exam this coming week and he was complaining how it's been difficult to find a "victim" to practice on. While telling me all this, he was busy preparing the cotton, alcohol, syringe, and tourniquet which was making me apprehensive by the second. Sure enough, a moment later he took my arm and started feeling for the vein. Me! OMG! I'm scared of needles even at my age. Every year when I have my annual physical exam and have blood drawn for a blood test, I sit in the chair, grip the arms of the chair tight and close my eyes until it's done. 

But in the interest of helping him out in learning how to draw blood, I swallowed my fear, covered my eyes and started breathing deeply. To his credit, he was gentle. After 4 pokes though, 3 on my right arm and 1 on my left, he wasn't successful. So he called it quits for now.

That was last weekend. I thought it was over. Oh no was I wrong! The practical exam is this week. The medical student needed to get it right to pass the blood drawing exam. So once again, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. When it was over, I opened my eyes and he showed me the syringe, a fourth of it filled with my blood. At least THIS time he got it right. Then he took my blood pressure - 100/70. And listened to my heartbeat - normal. Counted my pulse (80 beats) - normal (within 60-90 beats per minute). Listened to my lungs - no signs of TB.

Whew! He'd better ace that practical exam and treat me to dinner after.

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