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Another Visit to Via's Doctor

Monday, January 25, 2010

Via's cough got worse the last two days, she still had runny nose and she had a fever yesterday. So off to the doctor we went this morning. We went really early today as I had an exam I had to take at the office at 11:00 a.m. Luckily we were the first ones there and the pedia came early-even ahead of her assistants. After getting settled, she asked us in. She did the weighing herself and all the preliminary stuff. She said she's not worried about the runny nose. She listened to Via's lungs and now there's phlegm in her right lung. But it's good that she's coughing it up because it means the phlegm is loosening. Still, Ambroxil was prescribed to prevent the phlegm from thickening. Via was very fussy and at one point cried loudly opening her mouth wide. The doctor then saw that there were 4 molars about to come out. That was the reason for the fever she said. Expect her to get a fever on and off until the molars are about 1/4 out. Via will have difficulty eating so she should have a soft diet. The doctor was surprised that she gained weight even with the teething pain. She said it's good that she can handle it. It's a relief that it's not really anything terrible and I got to work only 30 minutes late.


My Poor Baby

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last night Via couldn't sleep and kept on crying. Her nose was clogged and she couldn't breathe. It was so bad that her eyes got red and was tearing. I tried to pump her nose but she wouldn't let me. Good thing Daddy was home. He said it must be allergic rhinitis (which she would have gotten from me) since her lungs sounded okay. He gave her antihistamine. To unclog her nose, he turned on hot shower and let it run in the bath with some vicks mixed in. Via and I sat inside the bathroom which felt like a steam room to me. He checked on us from time to time and after about 15 minutes Via could breathe through her nose.

Aside from the clogged nose, worm was found in her poo yesterday so she would need deworming. She's only 13 months! But I guess that was inevitable the way she put everything she could get her hands on in her mouth.

Today we went to Via's pediatrician to get her checked and also see if she can have the chicken pox vaccine. Turned out, the doctor was out of the vaccine and said it's better to wait until the colds from her allergy clears.

So she got meds for her allergy and the deworming which I will now buy from the drugstore as the new Pharmacy here in our office doesn't have one of them. I sure hope she gets relief soon. It's so hard to see her cry.


The Middle Child

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A middle child is often described as being insecure, ignored by parents, lacks drive and looks to the first born for direction, loners, not an overachiever and likes to go with the flow.
When I first met P and learned he was the middle child of three siblings, I asked him if it was true what was said about middle children. He had an older brother and a younger sister. I myself am an only child and could not imagine not being special because both sides of the family doted on me. Well, P said his parents treated all of them equally. They all had the same opportunities of studying abroad and he never felt that he got less attention. As for the other characteristics, I found him to be confident, intelligent, easygoing but always striving to do his best.
All these came to mind because last weekend P went home to Indonesia to attend his brother's wedding. He was the best man. He bought a formal suit here before he left. His first suit he said. When he came back last night, I asked all about the wedding. Being female, I asked about the motif, the ceremony as compared to ours here in the Philippines, what the bride wore, etc.
Later that night, he told me more about his trip. He stayed with his bestfriends instead of his relatives because he was not comfortable. His three closest friends who had little in common. One was a devout seven day adventist (like P) who valued spirituality more than material things, one came from a rich family and was throwing money left and right, and the last is sort of in-between who got lucky to have a good job with a major athletic shoe company. He told me that when he got there he had no money. Since he's still studying medicine, he is dependent on his parents. He asked his friends if they could cover his share of the cost for their meals and whatnot. They gladly did. Up until after the wedding and returning here, he had to ask his friend for money for the airport tax. His parents didn't give him money and he didn't ask.
Then he told me about the wedding which was apparently very grand. He said if it were held here in the Philippines it could have cost around a million pesos. Then he said that despite his brother having a very good job with a multinational company, his parents still paid for the wedding. He said that for him, he preferred it to be simple and not spend so much money.
Throughout his telling me this, I kept silent but my heart broke for him. All that he achieved were through his own efforts. He went to college abroad but it was on scholarship and he worked to have pocket money. He graduated cum laude. Here studying medicine, he makes do with what is sent him and doesn't ask for more even if there are unexpected expenses. He makes do and he's very resourceful.
He might not be ignored by his parents but he is not favored as well. The first born is given all the help and the youngest is doted on. Despite it, there is no resentment. He makes do and does his best in whatever he does. He lives simply (except for his love for gadgets). In my past life, I was the typical only child, getting what I wanted and was very materialistic. I loved jewelry, make up, shopping and being pampered. After all I've been through in my life, I left my materialism behind and started living simply. If I had met him earlier in my life, I probably wouldn't be attracted to him. Now though I appreciate him and all that I've learned from him. It must be true that we get into bad relationships to prepare us for the right one.
Going back to the topic, I guess some of the description of the middle child was right but it's really up to the person how he lives his life and it's outcome.


Via attends a party

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yesterday we attended the first birthday party of my officemate's son. She gave birth a month after I did. The party was held at Valle Verde 2 Clubhouse. A lot of planning really goes into children's parties nowadays. Arrangements have to be made months in advance. We had a lot of fun at Matt's party. It was very well organized with lots of fun stuff for the kids. They had their own tables and their own food. There were a little something for both kids and adults and both enjoyed the party very much.
There was face painting....

At first Via got fussy and didn't want to do it. So I said Mommy first and she watched me get my face painted. When it was her turn, she sat still the whole time.

food catered for the adults and the kids....

lots of giveaways and prizes....

food carts.....

a magic show...

and a kiddie playground....

Via got two prizes from the games. Everyone went home happy.


This year 2010....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I resolve to

  1. Attend church service every week
  2. Eat healthy, more vegetables and less meat
  3. Simplify
  4. No more emotional spending
  5. No more multitasking, focus on the task at hand for better results
  6. Avoid going online at home
  7. Drink 8 glasses of water every day
  8. Reduce, reduce, reduce debts
  9. Live in the moment and savor whatever the activity is
  10. Be more giving

Just ten. I hope I can do even half of it :)


Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We got back from our trip to Bangkok yesterday and we're exhausted! Next time we shouldn't take a midnight flight. Or maybe it's all the walking we did. I tried to sleep on the flight back but this guy behind me was snoring so loud, I really could not sleep.

We had a great time though. We arrived at Holiday Inn, Ploenchit at around 11PM and went to sleep right away. We would have gotten in earlier but our taxi driver took us to Holiday Inn, Silom. We ended up paying almost double the cab fare because of the mix up which was their fault. P told the dispatcher to take us to Holiday Inn, Ploenchit. We woke up.....or rather....Via woke us up at 8AM. We were all hungry so we went to Cafe G to have breakfast. The hostess immediately led us to a booth table and got a high chair for Via. I thought that was a good time to let her eat by herself. And she did. She didn't know how to use the spoon though. She ate with her hands. The buffet was good. I had my fill of the cheeses :)

After breakfast we went back to bed. We were all still sleepy. We went out around lunchtime but after only 30 minutes, Via fell asleep and we decided to go back to the hotel. We went out again late in the afternoon to MBK where we had dinner at the food court. The fried rice and chicken there are favorites.

The next day we went to see the Grand Palace, toured the Chao Praya river, and stopped by Wat Pho before going back. We were all exhausted. On our third day we went to the Jim Thompson museum then went mall hopping. The next day we stayed in, went swimming and had dinner at Central World Mall across the street.

I didn't have much of a must see list because we wanted to take it easy with Via along. We also could not stay out late. We still managed to visit the places at the top of our list and do a little shopping. The only thing I wanted to go to was the zoo for Via to see the animals but there was no more time.It would have been perfect except for the fiasco at the Centennial Terminal when we got back. I must say, we're still way behind in customer service even with our Asian neighbors. At the immigration in Suvarnabhumi Airport, there was a separate booth in immigration for those with babies where there was no queue. Also, the stroller was brought to us when we got off the plane. Here at the Centennial Terminal, we were told to get the stroller at the baggage carousel along with all the other baggages. Plus, on January 1, 2010, a new arrival/departure card was being implemented. These forms are usually distributed on the plane to be filled up so it's done when we get to immigration. We were given many forms, I think there were 4, which we just filled up as best as we could since we were very sleepy and I had Via on my lap.Like I said upon disembarking, we were waiting around for the stroller to be brought to us but then we were told to get it from the carousel. So we went on to immigration where a man was checking forms announcing that they were implementing a new arrival/departure card. He glanced at the form I had and said okay. At the window, this grumpy woman said to me, this is departure card, where is the other half, the arrival card? I had no idea what she was talking about. I gave her all the forms from the plane which we filled up. She repeated this is not the right form. Where is the arrival card? I looked around and none of us from the plane went through. More and more people were coming looking lost. I asked Lady Grump where I can get the correct form as that was what was given us on the plane. She had some forms in front of her and gave me two. P was in the another line, the one for foreigners so I don't know how he was faring. But while I was still waiting, he came up to us asking for a pen. So I guess he already knew the form we had was wrong.

I was so frustrated with the whole thing because I filled everything up on the plane so I wouldn't have any difficulty while going through immigration since I had a shoulder bag, backpack and Via with me. I went to sit on the stairs to fill up the new forms for Via and me. I saw P filling up his form by the wall.
I have always flown PAL because I was happy with their service. I only took Cebu Pacific once years ago going to Bacolod. I said never again. The flight crew of this BKK-MNL flight though were not as gracious and accommodating as the others. On the MNL-BKK flight, we were given food for Via and a blanket right away. And the sort of head flight attendant encouraged us to use the empty seat beside us. She came to check on us from time to time to see that we were okay. Via was very good on the flight. She didn't cry at all during take off. Just looked out the window. The fell asleep after eating. No trouble at all.
On the flight back, the head flight attendant was grumpy and even told a passenger (she looked middle eastern) where was she going in a rude way. I think the lady asked to change seats. There was no baby food and no blanket (well we could have asked for one I know). But the worst thing was they gave us the wrong arrival/departure form. They tried to cover all the bases I guess because we were given the old arrival form, the customs form, and health form as well as the new arrival/departure card. But they cut it in half. I think they wanted to just give us the arrival card but somebody goofed and gave us the half that was the departure card. Well, it can't be perfect all the time.

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