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Heat, Edsa Shangrila

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My friend R had 50% off vouchers at any restaurant in Edsa Shangrila Hotel. She's been having dinners at Summer Palace and Heat for a few days now as the vouchers expire on June 30. Today I had lunch with her at Heat, 50% off of course. I brought along my little girl who enjoyed tasting all the desserts.

 R being very chatty, got the chef to cook up the cold prawns. He came up with this cooked with some spices. Good but a little sweet for my taste.

The first round I got Spinach soup with Tofu, Duck, and dimsum.

Round 2 I got some Sushi, Lechon Kawali, Eggplants and Green Mangoes with Shrimp Paste

Round 3, Beef Rendang (not that good), more Lechon Kawali (really crispy skin) and assorted hard and soft cheeses and bread.

 A waiter had this delight prepared for us. Shrimp with Lemon Butter Sauce. Yum!

My 2 year old loved the Chocolate Fondue. I did too!

  Mangoes, bananas,and blueberry with cream

 Creme Brulee, Mango Cheesecake and Panna Cotta

 Happy faces and happy tummies  :)

Chocolate lipstick anyone?

Regular price of lunch buffet at Heat is about P1,400++. We paid P1,600 for both of us and not charge for the dessert critiquing toddler.


What We Did on Father's Day

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Seeing as Daddy was away, I took a video of Via imitating Lea Michelle performing in the season ending episode of Glee. Of course, we couldn't understand what she was singing. Still, I thought Daddy would love it.

So what did we do on Father's Day? Nothing special, we stayed home and made Oreo Dirt Cake. I thought it would be fun to involve Via in making the cake. It was spur of the moment and we did not have a pot to put the cake in like it said on the recipe. And we did a lot of improvising as some of the ingredients were not available at the grocery near us.

Via was in charge of  crushing the oreo cookies to make the "dirt."
When she finished her assignment, she helped with the pudding mixture.

And kept on eating the crushed oreos...

 Via put the final touches, gummy worms on top. However, our Dirt Cake did not turn out the way it should, especially since we ran out of "dirt" as Via kept on eating it.

No matter, we'll try again another time.  


Mommy Moments - Daddy Moments

Saturday, June 18, 2011

mommy moments

A little late for the post but just in time for Father's Day tomorrow :) Via and Daddy have always spent time together, just the two of them. Via watched her first movie with Daddy, Kung Fu Panda 2, wandering around malls but their most special time together is spend swimming. Swimming is "their thing." Ironic because I'm the swimmer. Before I got hooked in badminton, swimming was my sport. Here are some photos of Via and Daddy doing their thing.

Daddy first took Via for a dip in the pool at one month old.

Here they are when Via was 7 months.

Just turned two and being seriously taught how to swim.

Via really enjoys their swim time together.


Making Faces

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A Busy Week

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

P needs to go back to his native Indonesia for his medical internship. The Twerp and I went with him to immigration to secure his exit clearance. Bad timing as it was the start of the school year and many foreign students were rushing to get their visas and other requirements done. We got there shortly before lunchtime and finished just before 5pm. On the plus side, we got to eat at Bacolod Chicken House again for their super chicken inasal (barbecue).

We didn't realize how hungry we were. Between the two of us. We kept on adding to our orders with extra garlic rice and additional chicken. We ended up devouring 3 chicken breasts and 5 garlic rice.

With his exit clearance done, we now have to tackle the packing. I can almost imagine how much over the allowed baggage weight his luggage is going to be. The medical books alone must weigh a ton. On the plus side, this is a good time to do housecleaning as well and get rid of unwanted catalogs. We have accumulated a lot of magazines, catalogues, and knick knacks aside from all the Twerp's toys, coloring books and other stuff. I've always been mindful about accumulating things since we are renting. It's difficult and I'm surprised despite my efforts to continually get rid of stuff, there's more of them. I've now been reluctant to sign up for anything that has to do with selling stuff to avoid these unwanted catalogues and Reduce Junk Mail.

I'm also feeling sad because I'm used to P being around and depending on him. I can't imagine how the families of overseas workers cope with missing their loved one. I'm about to find out. Going with him is not an option just yet. I'm especially concerned about Via. He's become such a Daddy's girl that Daddy can't take a step away from her without her crying Daddy...Daddy. She's going to miss their swims and malling, just Daddy and the Twerp.


Somehow, even with modern technology, texting, cheaper phone calls, skype, etc. it's just not the same as his presence. I'm sure we'll get used to it eventually. When schedule permits he will come and visit or we can go visit him.


Blood Test

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting blood extracted makes us uneasy and sometimes downright terrified. I know I was. It became a little easier after having it done yearly for my annual physical exam.

Yesterday, I brought Via to a pedia-allergologist at the Medical City. She's had her cough for months now, it comes and goes, but this time it's been 2 months. Daddy said her lungs were clear and it's allergy or asthma most likely.  For my peace of mind I decided to bring her to this specialist who I've heard was very good. She was! Consultation is by appointment and when we got to her clinic, we were ushered in right away. No long wait in line.

Anyway, she wanted Via to get a blood test (Total IgE) to determine if she had any allergies to anything. We went to Ambulatory Services on the ground floor for the blood test. There were few people around as it was late in the afternoon and soon it was Via's turn.

The Medtech (a woman) looked  apprehensive while looking at Via although she smiled at Via and made noises that was supposed to calm her. Hello Baby, she said. The Medtech asked me to hold her legs and arms and keep her still. She wrapped the rubber around Via's right arm and tried to look for a vein but couldn't find one. She then tried the left arm where she found a viable vein to extract the blood. This won't take long Baby. Are you ready Mommy? I had Via's legs between mine, held her arms and sang a nursery song that was familiar to her....

in and out, the dancing and out, the dancing and out, the dancing bluebird, Jesus is my master....

then the Medtech started the blood extraction. Via did not even struggle. She just sat there looking on while blood was being extracted. The Medtech could hardly believe it. I love your Baby! I love your Baby! She's such a good girl! Then it was done. She put cotton where the needle went it and taped it. 

I was not surprised because the last time Via had her vaccine she just sat there looking while the vaccine was being injected in her thigh. But I thought she might protest with this time because even grownups dread blood extractions. I have to give credit to the Medtech too as she must have been really good.

All done, we went home with Via poking the cotton on her arm saying, blood....blood. I explained why blood was taken even if she probably doesn't understand it yet. 

I'm so proud of you Via! You're so brave!

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