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Yaya Relief

Monday, May 30, 2011

I had written about my difficulties with the Twerp's yaya and how I'm looking for a suitable replacement. Finally, we did. Rather, her first caregiver who's my cousin came back. She took care of Via when she was a month old until about 7 months. She had to leave because she was given a job at her hometown's municipal office. She has children so I understand that she prefers to be with her family. However, her paycheck was not regular and she decided to resign from that job. Lucky for us.

I had not realized how much stress the previous yaya was giving me. I even had to have physical therapy for my neck and shoulders because the muscles have become bunched from stress. I am so relieved and feel so much better that Via is in good hands.


Keep Them Coming

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Even before Via was born, friends and relatives have been giving me baby stuff. Brand new or hand me downs, everything welcome, I'm not choosy :)  I have not had to spend a lot for her clothes, toys and other stuff. Until now the gifts keep coming. Via still has shoes in reserve and clothes that are still too big to wear. Yesterday, I went to pick up another package sent by an aunt in LA through a friend.

The little twerp loves gifts and opening them. She was even happier to see the contents and tried everything on immediately. Thank you Tita C!


A Little Surgery

Monday, May 23, 2011

Every year during my annual physical exam I'm reminded to have this little bump at the back my head removed. It's been there for years. It was even x-rayed to see if it's something to be concerned about. Apparently it's nothing serious. Still this year I decided to finally have it removed. It's a minor, outpatient procedure. It was done by a doctor in our office clinic who's also a surgeon. He said he's authorized to use the operating room in Megaclinic in SM Megamall so that is where he'll do it. 

We met at Megaclinic after work and I got dressed in a hospital gown and changed my shoes to a sterile one from their shoe rack. But they told me to put my shoes on the same shoe rack so those shoes aren't really sterile anymore. I lay on my stomach on the operating table but had nowhere to put my arms where it would be comfortable. So the attendants attached a makeshift arm rest to the operating table. I was amused by the whole thing because it's like a comedy sitcom. The procedure too about 15 minutes including the closing of the incision. 

Then Dr. D said the tape to hold the gauze in place won't stick to my hair. We needed to improvise. He said I needed a headband such as those worn by athletes to keep sweat from trickling down their face. Since I didn't have one with me, I got changed and went to SM department store to buy the headband. Couldn't find one so I got a headband for the hair with ribbon. P and Via met me after and we had dinner. I looked ridiculous walking around the mall wearing that headband with ribbon around my forehead. I even met an officemate who thought I did it on purpose. Some new style I was trying out.
I wasn't supposed to get it wet for about a week but the next day we played badminton and I just had to wash my hair and I washed it everyday after that. Luckily it didn't get infected. I blow dryed my hair each time making sure it was thoroughly dry and applied betadine plus I took antibiotics.

I healed quickly and the bald patch is not noticeable once hair is brushed over it.


Weekend at Hotel H2O

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One of the choices for our office outing this year is Hotel H2O. We always have 2-3 choices, either at a beach, a resort or a hotel. I always choose the hotel because I don't really like the beach and driving out of town in such a hassle. Maybe when the Twerp is a little older. For now, I chose to join the Hotel H2O outing because I want Via to see Manila Ocean Park. The hotel is located inside the park.

To maximize our stay, we headed for the hotel right after church service. I've never been there before so locating the hotel took a little time. The layout of the place is not easy to figure out the first time around. We checked in around 12:30pm. I was surprised to see how big our room was. I checked the internet later and found out it was the Premier Suite!

It had two rooms, a bedroom and a living room; two bathrooms, one with a bath tub and shower; two LCD TVs, and lots of freebies. Everything in the fridge was free!

Via checked out everything in the room from the phones, the lights, the TV remote, hiding behind the curtains....she loved the bathtub!


The room had a great view of Manila Bay and the sunset.

Free use of the business center but it was hard connecting to the internet. The server was very slow.

Hotel service was great from check in to check out. All the rooms were amazing. The Aqua rooms had an aquarium which goes through all the Aqua rooms. It was great but the room was very small and kind of claustrophobic. There was also a room with a jacuzzi instead of a bath tub.

Manila Ocean Park is not very big and can be disappointing if you've already been to others abroad. But it's fun for children. Via got to feed the fishes....

See the crocodile.....

And this aquarium tunnel......

We enjoyed our hotel stay and the Oceanarium. However, the hotel's restaurant, Makan-Makan Asian Food Village was very disappointing.

It was set up like hawker stalls in Singapore. Considering the restaurant theme, I was eager for the Nasi Lemak and other Asian dishes. It wasn't authentic at all and I noticed all the cook were Filipinos. How can it be authentic then? The service was also lousy. The waiters did not seem to have training. For breakfast, I asked for a Vegetable Omelet at the Egg Station since P does not eat pork and hardly any meat. When it came, it had ham in it. The waiters were not smiling and seemed harassed. When I asked for the bill it was three times more that my estimate. Turned out the waiter gave us the wrong bill. Lesson: always check your restaurant bills before paying.


Gohotels in Manila

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

P and I have passed by Gohotels along EDSA many times and have often wondered if anyone has stayed there. It looked deserted from the outside. Last week his parents came here from Indonesia to attend his graduation and were looking for a cheap hotel. We thought of Gohotels. I asked a friend who's knowledgeable about hotels and she said to book early as it's always full. Huh? But it always looked empty. Apparently she was right. Gohotels is found at the Cybergate Plaza in Pioneer, EDSA. It occupies the fifth and sixth floors only. The rest of the building is home to call centers. That's why it's always full!

The reception area was full just before we came. People were lined up to check out.

The Gift Shop

The waiting area at the lobby.

The lobby in the 5th floor.

There is a massage and spa.

The door of the elevator. Nice touch.

The room was very small and had no window. But it was clean and for about P1,100 a night, it's good enough.

 No toiletries in the bathroom.

We were told the rooms have wi-fi. This is the wi-fi installed in the hallway and didn't reach our room.

For the price, I would recommend Gohotels to anyone looking for a cheap but clean place to stay. It's very accessible with Robinson's Pioneer Mall next door. It's along the city's major thoroughfare (EDSA) and very accessible to public transport and the MRT. You need to book early though because it's always full.

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