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Oils! Oils! Oils!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

I got my Young Living premium starter set last month and have been obsessed with essential oils since.

I became believer when I caught a bad virus and coughing from a co-worker. Because I did not want to be sick, I took the sample of Thieves that my friend gave me and wiped the wrapper on my throat. I only had the wrapper left because I dropped the contents on Via's foot to protect her from the virus.

Believe it or not, sore and scratchy throat and coughing was gone instantly. Of course it burned like crazy because even the oil left in the wrapper was still a lot and Thieves is hot blend. I slapped on coconut oil and the burning subsided.

Since then I have ordered more oils and been mixing like a mad scientist. It is so much fun. I feel also happy when I share it with others and they feel the relief that I did.

My co worker also caught the same virus I did and I gave a sample of Thieves. After experiencing relief, she asked me to order Thieves for her.

Just yesterday another co worker had a bad headache from work related stress. I had my tendonitis blend and she rubbed it on her forehead temples and nape. She said even before she rubbed the oil, just smelling it blew her headache away. Another believer :)

Because Young Living is kind of expensive, I am also getting some oils from Plant Therapy and I'm happy with those too.

I still haven't found the blend for my medial epicondylitis though. I will keep on experimenting until I find the right blend.


Why is She Here?

Tita likes watching teleseryes. She is currently following the story of the Ardientes in Wildflower. Via is usually somewhere near the TV, reading or playing with her My Little Ponies and can hear the dialogue. Sometimes when the scene is particularly loud or dramatic, she glances at the TV. She actually knows the story by now and I think it also helped her improve her Pilipino.

Yesterday, at dismissal in school, Tita told me that she was surprised (shocked would be a more appropriate description) to see the star of Wildflower, Aiko Melendez..

Via: Tita! Why is Emilia here?

Tita: Her daughter must also go to school here.

It was so funny hearing Tita telling me about that scene. Via is updated with teleserye and celebrities. My celeb knowledge stopped at Sharon, Gabby, etc. Guess how old I am ;-)

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