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Getting Baby to Behave in Church

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Via getting dressed for church.....

We started bringing Via to church service this January. I was concerned about disrupting other people so we stay at the back of the church and let her walk around if she wants. During the Pastor's sermon,

Via is busy playing with her milk. We try to find a seat where she will not disturb anyone in case she gets bored and gets cranky. During the part where there is singing, she joins along in her gibberish.

I read in an article about well-behaved children that it's best to sit as near the front as possible so your child won't get distracted by other children roaming around. It is also a good idea to bring a small toy to keep a child occupied.

I will try to be early next Saturday so that we might get a seat in front.


Potty Training Your Toddler

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First is to find out if she's ready for potty training. It increases chances of success. Younger babies may be also be taught but it is likely that they will forget and they are more prone to having "accidents." If your toddler is able to dress herself, is aware that she is about to poo or pee, or that she has, then the process has a great chance for success.

Take her with you to the bathroom and let her get familiar with her potty. Let her sit on it fully clothed if she wants to but never force her if she does not appear to be interested.

Let her go without diapers for short periods of time and if she does wet herself or have a bowel movement, tell her what happened without being negative. Don't tell her it's messy or smelly. Let her know that it is a natural thing to happen and explain that it is usually done in the bathroom on the potty.

Control of bowel movement usually comes before bladder control. You can usually tell if your toddler is having a bowel movement. They will stop what they are doing or grunt or sit down. When this happens bring her to the bathroom right away and sit her on the potty while explaining what is happening. It is much harder to catch them when urinating. You will usually know after the fact. Just explain what happened and let her get familiar with the wet sensation.

Toddlers are anxious to please and coupled with lavish praises when they do the right thing will help them learn faster.


My Baby Can Eat by Herself Now

Sunday, February 21, 2010

She's actually been sitting on the table to eat since she turned 1 last December but she mostly played with the food, the spoon and whatever she can reach. Now we can sit her down and let her eat by herself. We're also teaching her to pray before eating but that will probably take a little more time because she always wants to eat right away.


Rescue in Ortigas Center

Friday, February 19, 2010

Four workers painting the water tank of a building in Ortigas Center yesterday were overcome with the smell and fumes of the paint and fell several feet below into the Septic Tank and were trapped for hours. Some were unconscious. I was on my way home when I saw all these vehicles and people crowded around the building.

The water tank of the building was hit by the construction beside it last September at the same the typhoon Ondoy flooded Metro Manila. The residents of that building went without water for 3 weeks. They had to get water using pails and whatever they had from a second floor faucet which got water directly from the pipes not the water tank. Imagine going up and down several times a day with pails to get water for three weeks! The contractor was slow in admitting their fault and doing something about it.

Well apparently it's just not that they got around the painting of the water tank. Now this happens. Fortunately, the rescue efforts were successful and after being trapped for several hours, they finally got out sometime after 7PM.


Food Inc.

Monday, February 15, 2010

P and I watched this oscar-nominated documentary last night and it's enough to make me not want to eat meat ever again. Eeeeewww! And the chickens, they all looked so pitiful. It's amazing how technology can do so much and how profit can get people to think up of new ways to do things like McDonald's did way back then.

It's perfect for me though because it will help me with healthy eating and hopefully lose the 10 pounds that just won't let go.


What a Nice Surprise from my Boss

Friday, February 12, 2010

When my new boss joined our division in March last year, I had difficulty adjusting to his work and management style. You see, I had worked with my old boss for so long. Ever since I joined this organization in 1998, with the exception of about 3 years in between, I had worked for him until last year. He was very laidback and easygoing and very easy to get along with. As long as you produced results, he will leave you at peace to do your work. This new boss is the complete opposite. He is on your back for updates on what you're working on all the time, however, minor. Very obessessive-compulsive.

Because I had so much difficulty with him, I tried to transfer to other departments in our organization but it was hard. Until our peak season came around from August to December. I had no choice then but to concentrate on the work and learn to get along with him.

When I did that, I began to get to know him as a person and found out that he is a kind man and actually very understanding. It's not a problem to get time off from work especially if it concerns family. And during our peak season, I was too busy to notice him.

At my performance evaluation discussion with my boss last week, imagine my surprise when he said he would give me special recommendation (that means a higher pay increase). My surprise probably showed on my face because he smiled and said, he was not happy with me at the beginning but later on he said my work during our peak season was outstanding and that I exceeded myself. Wow! I admitted to him then that I had much difficulty with him at first explaining about the difference between him and my old boss. But I said I have adjusted and am now quite happy working for him. And I am.


A few Gray Hairs

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A toddler learns through repetition (I read this in a book) but until they are able to understand what is happening, we need to keep a very close watch on them. Via has cut her fingers twice with the electric fan. The first time, Daddy was carrying her, he didn't see her reach out and touch the fan behind him. The second time, she just happened to touch it while walking by. I am searching for something to cover the fan with so she's safe from the blades but I haven't been successful. This is the third time she cut her fingers and the worst. She doesn't seem to remember what happened the last time. Minutes later she's at it again. Looking straight at me while putting her hand on the fan with a smile on her face. AAAAAaaarrrrghhhh! She's starting to put gray hairs on my head.


Leg Cramp It's Not

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ever since I started taking up badminton about 6 years ago, I've been lucky to have escaped the injuries that some of my playing buddies experienced. However, I did have my share. In 2007, I fractured my foot while training. I hadn't warmed up enough that time because I was late. So when I had a misstep while trying to get a round the head shot, I fell and twisted my ankle. I thought that was all but after having my foot x-rayed, it was a hairline fracture. I had to stop playing for about 2 months.

My next injury was last year, a tennis elbow. After months of inactivity due to pregnancy, I went back to playing with a vengeance after I got my doctor's clearance at my six week check up. My arm muscles weren't strong enough to take it which resulted in not only a tennis elbow but also golfer's elbow. I was told to stop playing for 2 months to rest it completely. I lasted one month and back to the court I was with my pain relieving ointments and elbow strap. Until now I still feel a slight pain there.

This last injury occurred last night. I ran and lunged to get a drop. In midrun, I felt a pop or something moved in the area of my calf. I stopped instantly and stretched it thinking it was a cramp. But then the pain didn't go away. P examined my leg when I got home and told me I most probably tore my calf muscle. He had me put ice on it and slept with my leg elevated. This morning it was still very painful and I walked with a limp. I took the afternoon off work to have my leg checked and yes, P was right. It is a torn calf muscle. Not that serious though the sports doctor told me. I should be playing within 2 weeks if I take care of it and let it heal the right way. To eliminate other problems, he did a nerve check. That was expensive! Then I had physical therapy. I'll have 5 more physical therapy sessions then the doctor will see me again. Hopefully to pronounce me well healed and ready to hit the courts again.


That Pesky Cough

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today we visited Via's pediatrician, Dr. Palmero again. There was little improvement from last week even after she finished taking her med for 7 days. She lost a lot of weight. Last week she weighed 11.2kg. Now it's 10kg! The assistant took her weight twice because she couldn't believe the big weight loss. It's nothing to worry about though because the weight is still normal. She was actually a little overweight.

Dr. Palmero did the usual, checking her temperature, listening to her lungs, etc. Her lungs sounded better now and I was told that recovery is about 2 weeks. Then I told Dr. Palmero that I had runny nose myself and dry cough which I probably got from Via. She said that's probably why recovery is slow. She's exposed to my bacteria. I said, I got this from her! Doesn't matter, my colds and cough is causing her slow recovery. Dr. Palmero advised me to wear a mask so as not to shower Via with bacteria :)

I also asked about the tips of Via's fingers turning somewhat orange. Dr. Palmero asked me if she ate a lot of orange colored food. Well, she eats squash a lot. She said it's also nothing to worry about. Just that her system is unable to eliminate the residue but nothing really wrong. If I'm worried, she said to stop eating orange colored foods for a week or so.

I feel better now knowing she's on the road to recovery albeit kinda slowly. Her appetite is picking up again so I'm sure she'll regain the lost weight in no time.

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