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A Day Away from the Office

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My division had its annual team building last Friday. Last year we only had it at the office. But this year, we heard other divisions had it outside the office. What are we the budget division for? We had ours at Sofitel in Roxas Boulevard. I wasn't too enthusiastic at first. From previous experience, there are times that it can be boring.

It turned out to be very enjoyable and helpful as well. Our division had a lot of issues since our new head joined last year. The exercise really helped us understand him and each other more.

A group activity where we were asked to modify and enhance an ordinary, everyday appliance. We were assigned the vacuum cleaner.

Our finished product was a vacuum cleaner that was rechargeable and energy efficient which had other functions such as clothes steamer, air ionizer, rechargeable light, a broom, a radio, timer, and many other features that will clean anything and everything. Presenting the Dream Cleaner!

We all had lunch in a private function room. Our division is very small accommodated everyone in two tables.

We had a salmon entreƩ that I thought was very small. I was wrong. It looked small but it was very filling and I actually couldn't finish my mashed potato, I was so full. I didn't eat the chocolate cake dessert anymore. Just the dark chocolate decoration.

I didn't realize how much butter I consumed. The bread was so good and my seatmates passed me all their butter.

We had an outdoor activity later in the afternoon. It was a race from one point to another. Supposedly crossing the sea to get to an island. In this case, from one tree to another. There were 8 in a group and, using only 5 pieces of mats, we were to cross the grass to get to the tree without touching the grass. Needless to say, it was a very intimate competition and a lotta fun. The facilitator later told us that a company with whom she did this activity took 2 hours to finish it. Apparently, the women did not like their male officemates touching them which was impossible to do here. She said our group completed it the fastest - 7 minutes.

At the end of the day having fun by the bay......

Finishing with a buffet dinner....

I must say the service is Sofitel is world class. After our outdoor activity, one officemate passed out. Their emergency people came immediately with a wheel chair and stretcher! And everyone was very accommodating.


MrsMartinez | May 17, 2010 at 6:50 PM  

You know what... I love Sofitel especially their buffet, Spiral!

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