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Toddler in the House

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Even my office was not spared......

Cup left on my office desk


Travel Souvenirs

Sunday, January 23, 2011

During the holidays, I went through my clothes to give some of them away because we have very limited space at home. I realized I had so many T Shirts. It's what I buy as souvenir whenever I travel. I also collect keychains and refrigerator magnets but they're difficult to find in some places I've been to like in P's hometown in Indonesia or in Laos. T Shirts, however, are always available as souvenir items.

When we went to Bangkok, I saw shirts in Chatuchak market with messages that I found amusing. I got one of those and a kid's shirt with elephants that was so cute.


T Shirts would make a great  valentines day gift especially if you're like some people who have difficulty expressing their feelings. Just have it made to order and print whatever is in your heart. Twins T Shirts are really cute especially on babies. It makes them look even more adorable. 

I have T Shirts from around the Philippines but some of my favorite T Shirt souvenirs are the ones I got in the US because the material is pure 100% cotton. Very comfortable. I bought kids shirts because the adult medium size in the US is like XL in Philippine size. Besides, the designs on children's T Shirts are much nicer. These two shirts are from Monterey when we visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium and went whale watching.


But back to my sorting, I think I will hang on to my souvenir shirts and just store them in a box. It's great to look at them once in a while and remember the travels to those places.

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