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Angels of the Sea: Dolphin and Sea Lion Show at Araneta Center

Friday, December 24, 2010

We were fortunate to have been given complimentary tickets to the show by my friend Nono. I thought the Twerp would enjoy watching the dolphins but we almost went home without seeing the show. The dolphins were slapping their tails on the water before the show started, trying to get people to clap their hands. That is what scared the Twerp. She immediately shut her eyes tight and hid her face in Daddy's chest with her arms around him very tight.

The show began with the Sea Lions as front act for the dolphins I guess. I tried to get Via to take a peek but she just hugged Daddy harder. I couldn't pry her off! No amount of coaxing would get her to take a look. We  were disappointed and decided to leave after the sea lion's performance. As we made our way out though, she got curious hearing the crowd clapping and cheering. It was the dolphins turn. She finally took a look. Daddy stopped walking to see if she would continue watching. She did! So we went back to find seats, not too near so she won't get afraid again. She didn't show too much excitement but at least she watched the whole thing.

The show's highlights were the dolphins "jumping" through the hoops and the "dancing."

Tickets to the Dolphin and Sea Lion Show are available at Ticketnet. VIP tickets are at P742 and Upper box tickets cost P530. The show will run from December 25, 2010 to January 2, 2011.


Mommy and Me

Monday, December 20, 2010

This post is in memory of my mother who passed away 11 years ago. Last weekend was her death anniversary. I still miss her to this day. She's the person I love most in the world and I cannot think of her without getting emotional. I miss her and I wish she could have seen my daughter.

This picture, with a mosque behind us, was taken when I was about 5 years old at Nayong Pilipino. It's a big park that features the different regions of the Philippines with their famous landmarks. It's like a mini vacation and seeing the places without actually going there. There are replicas of places like the Chocolate Hills of Bohol and the Cagsawa Ruins of Bicol. She used to bring me here often. Nayong Pilipino has now relocated from Manila to Clark in Pampanga. It's not very accessible anymore but I hope to bring my daughter there one day.

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Enjoying the Holiday Season

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Every year when December comes around, I cannot help but think of food, crowded malls and the dreadful traffic. There are times when I dread the Christmas season because it brings about a lot of stress. I have long ago decided against giving gifts for Christmas because I end up tired, stressed, and still rushing to buy gifts at Christmas eve.

This year will be no different. However, we will attend all the parties we're invited to and join in the festivities. I've already been to a couple of parties where food was abundant and games fun. Last Sunday, Via and I attended the Sabbath School Christmas Party. It was a simple affair, potluck and a program where each class had a presentation.

Food brought by parents included pancit bihon, hotdogs and marshmallows on sticks, munchkins, puto, bread, and cakes. Simple fare but enjoyed by all. It was bring your own plates which I forgot. The lady fixing the food on the table kindly gave us plates.

The "Fingerplay" class presented a Frosty the Snowman number. Seeing as most of them were toddlers and below, the teachers prepared the background props and the Mommys got the kids into their costumes which consisted of a hat, scarf and sweater. All the children had to do was look cute which worked for them year after year as they kept on winning first or second place.

There were plenty of giveaways for the children and an exchange of gifts. Via went home tired but happy.


Two Years Old

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My darling doll turned two last week. The past two years flew by so fast! The first year was a blur of anticipating milestones like holding her head up without support, her first tooth, first solid food, crawling, first word, walking, keeping track of vaccines, and many other firsts that are noted down in the baby book. 

The second year was fun because she started interacting with us and showing her character and personality. 

As she begins her third year, she is able to follow instructions and help out with simple tasks; sing a simple action song; form simple, three-word sentences; recognize objects and animals, able to undress herself though with difficulty, and starting to assert herself. I expect that the coming year will be full of challenges for all of us but we will surely have fun and learn right along with her. 

I have been wondering what to do for her birthday. I didn't intend to have a party for her because she gets alarmed and shy around crowds. What I wanted was for her to just have fun on her special day. In the end, I just made spaghetti and ordered a simple birthday cake. I took the day off from work and just spent the day with her. She did have a sort of celebration at Sabbath School where everyone sang a birthday song for her and we had loot bags for the other kids afterwards.

Happy Birthday Via! I wish you a great year ahead!

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