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Online Classes - The New Normal

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Via is now Grade 6! Yay! Classes started last August and it's of course online. Her school really did a good job to get the students ready with simulation classes 2, orientation and jumpstart classes before the official start of classes.

Parents were likewise briefed how to access materials and check on their kids progress as well as giving weekly updates.

The classes and activities were set up to be as close to what they were used to before this pandemic. But of course there are significant differences, some really funny.

😏I am officially her IT user support.

πŸ‘She takes notes using word. Her handwriting is terrible and will probably not improve. On the otherhand, she can type 45 wpm now by touch.

😠I caught her watching Youtube while class was ongoing. She says her friends were playing Roblox during class.

πŸ˜‚ She was caught offguard when they were all asked to stand because she was not wearing shorts or pants, only panties. Luckily her shirt was long.

πŸ˜‚As soon as its recess, she rushes out to get a snack and a drink when she hardly ate during the school break.

πŸ˜ƒ She laughs out loud a lot and when I ask why, it's because of the teacher's backround songs. Hey, 80s and 90s songs are the best.

πŸ‘I can hear their group discussions. She seems to know how to gently guide discussions.

πŸ˜ƒShe gets tons of emails everyday. After clearning everything after school, there are 10 or more again at night which annoys her. I tell her welcome to my world. This is good practice for you.


The Struggle Continues

Saturday, June 20, 2020

As a child, I was a very picky eater. I only ate the same things over and over and my Mom let me. Now I am a Mom and I realize that my Mom probably took the easy way and just let me eat whatever I wanted πŸ˜€ She also spoiled me so I eat what I want and do what I want, always.

When I had Via, I agreed with her Dad that she would eat mostly vegetables and fruits, no soda, limited sweets, seldom chicken and beef and absolutely no pork. She will also definitely not be spoiled. This was easier when she was younger. As she gets older, she has opinions and preferences which makes it harder to stick to the healthy diet.

The positive side of having started her young on this diet is that she has NEVER EVER eaten processed food and refuses to do so. Her palate is just not used to it so it does not taste good to her πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ She continues to eat veggies even when she says she hates it because she is used to it πŸ˜ƒ 

On the negative side, she is now addicted to Coke. This is my fault because I am a Coke drinker always and forever. Chips, chocolates, cookies, I am not worried because she can't even finish a whole bag or bar. Candies...we just don't stock up on it so there would be no temptation. As for food, she likes Chicken Karaage, Beefsteak and Pancake House Fried Chicken. All okay once in a while. Coke remains to be the greatest challenge.

She also developed this habit of not finishing her food. This morning we had what I consider the best kind of weekend breakfast consisting of bacon, sourdough bread, egg cooked sunnyside up, butter, grapes for fruit, calamansi with honey and coffee for me. She only ate bread (no butter πŸ‘) and egg white (πŸ‘) but could not / would not finish it.

During this drama, I had cleaned the bathroom sink, swept the floor, made the bed, washed her clothes from yesterday and she was still not done. Solution? Take the phone away for the day. Well that got her moving. In 5 minutes she's done 😜


Covid Pandemic Ruminations

The Covid 10 pandemic abruptly became a reality for Via and me when Metro Manila was put on  lockdown on March12. 

The day before the lockdown, my colleagues and I were getting ready for a work from home dry run on Friday, March 13. We listed everything we would need to bring home the next day. I was also scheduled for my annual physical exam and had my blood test that day. There were a series of other tests scheduled through the next week. I woke up on March 12 with a text, email and Everbridge notification not to come to work as Metro Manila was placed under quarantine and my office was on lockdown having 2 covid positive staff. My mind was racing! Why did I not bring home my laptop yesterday? I don't want to use my personal laptop for work. My work laptop was configured for work and logging in would also log me into all the systems I needed automatically. After debating for a few minutes, I decided to rush to the office which was nearby and see if I could pick up what I needed. It was just before 6 am. I hurriedly put on clothes, woke Via to let her know where I was going and that I would be back in an hour, and quickly made my way to the office. I headed straight to one of the side entrances as the notification said all other gates would be closed. As I got there, I saw cars parked along the street, staff and contractors milling outside the gate. I went to the guard to say I wanted to pick up my laptop and other personal items and was let through with a reminder not to linger but come out immediately once I was done. I quickly withdrew money and headed to my workstation. There I saw a few co-workers who also lived nearby. After some chitchat and a photo at our boss's office (showing us carting away his liquor stashπŸ˜‚), we went about what we needed and left. I was back home within the hour and soon after, we received notifications that no one will now be allowed inside the office premises. Whew! So happy I decided to go earlier. Our WFH dry run was preempted by the real thing!

During this week, Via was preparing for her final exams the next week. Once quarantine was announced, the school suspended the final exams except for the graduating students. The next day, there was another announcement cancelling the final exams for graduating students as well. Final grade would be based on class standing. And just like that, summer vacation began. She was not even able to say goodbye to her friends.

It's now June and quarantine has been relaxed. After 3 straight months of staying home, Via and I ventured outside for a walk. I made a few masks from her old uniform because masks were out of stock during the first 2 months of quarantine. I have since ordered a few reusable masks from Lazada and find my home made masks more comfortable. I will continue making home made masks as I have a lot of material from old clothes on hand.

After 3 months of WFH, I hope that this will be a regular option to take. I find it a more efficient use of time. I do miss the morning breakfast I have with friends in the office cafeteria. This was our time to battle together in the fortress in HP Wizards Unite. I also miss the breakfast choices from sinangag, longganisa, pancakes, croissants, boiled saba, waffles, french toast....I could go on and on. Cafeteria breakfast is comfort food. I also miss going to Starbucks at the Library after lunch with my Lunchmates to just chat.

In this time of Covid pandemic,  I have learned to count my blessings. I am grateful for my job which continues to pay my salary regularly plus a one time lumpsum grant. I am thankful for my daughter who provides cheer and hope for the future, I am thankful for my friends who provide the emotional support through shared experiences, I am thankful for our relative doing the grocery runs, and much more. All these blessings though come from Him who protects, provides and saves. Thank you Jesus for everything!


Parents Do Not Provoke Your Child

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

It gives them inspiration for writing Ha-Ha!!


My trip to Japan // Day 1

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Mwahahahaha! I, the Twerp, have successfully taken over the blog. Anyway, since I’m bored, I’ll just tell ya about our trip to Japan. This will be split into 8 parts, for 8 days. (Excluding the 2 traveling days, entering and leaving. P.S. We checked in at our hotel at entering day) Now, day 1 is half boring and half exciting. So, me and mom just got there, and we were gonna travel to other places by train or the subway most of the time. So, for most of day 1 we had to get our JR Pass, it was overall pretty boring but at least we kinda got an idea of the stations. (Where we went most of train and subway they are in the same station, the subway is underneath the train station.) So, once we got all our passes and stuff, we went to our destination for the day, Nara Park. Honestly, I dunno why I was excited to feed deers. (In Nara park, you can buy deer food to feed deers. There are deers roaming around the park and to stop them from leaving there are walls, but it does look pretty forestry.) When we went to Nara, we took the train using our newly acquired JR pass. When we got there, we walked along this straight road. It’s pretty wide and there were shops to the sides. I saw arcades, restaurants and stores. After

WHOLE load ‘o walking

we reached like a near end point and we were now pretty hungry. (Yes, we walked THAT much.) So, we looked for restaurant, but we didn’t take any deliberate detours, so we were looking for a restaurant on the road, we found a lil' quaint restaurant and like we were hungry, so we went in and ate. (It was western style btw so not much description about the restaurant ‘kay.) So, after we ate, we continued our journey to Nara park. After several minutes of walking we were near the park. I’m kinda sad to say that we kinda got lost, we were confused about where to go. So, after a bit of aimlessly walking around we decided to continue the straight path after more walking we saw the big ark and there was a sign that said Nara park. We went inside and saw small grass paths with some trees to the sides with deers just hanging there. It was a fun challenge of taking picture of the deers. (It wasn’t that they kept on moving it was just that I didn’t really wanna get close because I miiiiight have been teeny, tiny bit scared. Anyway, further down there was this seller guy who sold the food. We bought a couple of packs and went off to feed the deers. (When you feed them, you first kind cut the crackers first so its small pieces, easy for them to eat.) So, my mom told me to flatten my hand and lay out the cracker pieces for their mouth to get. (Their mouth is sooooo fuzzy!) I really like feeding them, while I did the feeding, my mom took videos and pictures. (Honestly, my mom just like fed 3 deers). Anyway, to attract deers, just lay the food on your hand and they will come to you. (They REALLY like food.

Me feeding bootiful deers!

So, we stayed there for a couple of hours and when we had to go home, we went through the shopping path, remember when I said they had arcades? Well it wasn’t really late, so I asked if we stay in the arcade for a lil’ bit. So, she agreed and lent me some yen to use the machines. Honestly, I just used the capsule machines and bought a bunch of stuff. (When I ran out of yen we had to go.) So, we took the train home. (Did I mention that Japanese trains are so comfortable?! Like they have 4 seats 2 on each side and like a table between. I LOVE THEIR TRAINS!) So that’s it for day 1. 

                                                                                          Signing off

                                                                                              The Twerp



Linen Spray at Bedtime

Friday, December 29, 2017

When I first started using essential oils six months ago, I went crazy buying oils and experimenting with blending from recipes I found on the internet and Pinterest. I had no idea about sensitization, dilutions and safety. As I learn more about using essential oils to support wellness, for skincare and beauty and natural household cleaners, I am now more focused in how I want to use essential oils in my life. So now I am making them one at a time and trying to find the best blends that work for me.

I like a clean, fresh smelling bed and pillows. So I made linen spray to help my daughter and me sleep as well as our bed to smell good. 

I used frosted spray bottle (about 70 ml).

1 part vodka
2 parts distilled water
15 drops  Lavender essential oil
15 drops Tangerine essential oil

I chose Lavender to help with anxiety, stress and insomnia, and Tangerine for relieving tension/anxiety, emotional imbalances, promoting healthy sleep.

As I am typing this, the little one has already fallen asleep. Looks like it served its purpose ;-)


Via's Poem .....or Song

Monday, October 30, 2017


Essential Oil for Scalp Care and Growing Hair

When Via had dandruff on her nape which turned into a bald spot a couple of months ago, I tried essential oils to grow the hair and treat what looked like eczema.

The Recipe:

2 drops Rosemary
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Frankincense

in a 5 ml roller

filled it up with equal parts jojoba oil, VCO and castor oil.

I think it worked out okay. Hair is now growing over the bald spot and eczema is almost gone.

I though it would also help with the bald spots on my eyebrow.

In an empty mascara tube, I put 1 drop each of Lavender, Cedarwood and Rosemary, then filled it up with Castor Oil.

Hard to take a picture of my brows but hair is definitely filling the bald spots.

I just loooooove my oils!


The Essential Oil Test

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I got my PSK (Premium Starter Kit) from Young Living in July. Since then, I have been preoccupied with acquiring more oils, researching blends for our health and well-being and just having fun mixing and blending and learning all about essential oils.

I found Young Living expensive though. So I researched other sources of essential oils that were more reasonable priced and reputed to be 100% pure. I decided to give Plant Therapy a try. I was chose it because it is associated with Robert Tisserand who is a well known aromatherapy expert.

Before I got my PSK, since I was so excited, I bought oils from the local Human Nature. Their oils are pre-diluted and is indicated in the label.

So I did the blotter test on the three brands. If an essential oil is pure, it should dry without leaving an oily residue.

A pure essential oil will dry without leaving a telltale "oily" stain. However essential oil that has been adulterated or extended with synthetic fragrance oil will not dry clean and will leave an oily residue after drying. Some pure essential have a longer dry out period, so allow up to 24 hours, or sometimes several days or longer with thick resinous oils like Vetiver and Sandalwood. From

So I used Young Living's Cypress, Plant Therapy's Tea Tree, and Human Nature's Tea Tree. Would have been nice if I had Young Living's Tea Tree. Maybe I'll do this again when I have it.

I have faith in all these three companies and the results came out as I expected. Human Nature of course would have a residue since it says on the label that it is diluted with Caprylic Oil.


Don't Tickle Via

Which I love to do! :) I love to hear her shrieks of laughter.

So she put up her Very Important House Rules!

1. DON'T tickle Via. Only when wanted.

2. When home prepare your things.

3. Pay attention in class.

4. Very Important! DON'T tickle Via. Only when wanted.

5. DON'T tickle Via. Only when wanted.

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