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The Essential Oil Test

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I got my PSK (Premium Starter Kit) from Young Living in July. Since then, I have been preoccupied with acquiring more oils, researching blends for our health and well-being and just having fun mixing and blending and learning all about essential oils.

I found Young Living expensive though. So I researched other sources of essential oils that were more reasonable priced and reputed to be 100% pure. I decided to give Plant Therapy a try. I was chose it because it is associated with Robert Tisserand who is a well known aromatherapy expert.

Before I got my PSK, since I was so excited, I bought oils from the local Human Nature. Their oils are pre-diluted and is indicated in the label.

So I did the blotter test on the three brands. If an essential oil is pure, it should dry without leaving an oily residue.

A pure essential oil will dry without leaving a telltale "oily" stain. However essential oil that has been adulterated or extended with synthetic fragrance oil will not dry clean and will leave an oily residue after drying. Some pure essential have a longer dry out period, so allow up to 24 hours, or sometimes several days or longer with thick resinous oils like Vetiver and Sandalwood. From

So I used Young Living's Cypress, Plant Therapy's Tea Tree, and Human Nature's Tea Tree. Would have been nice if I had Young Living's Tea Tree. Maybe I'll do this again when I have it.

I have faith in all these three companies and the results came out as I expected. Human Nature of course would have a residue since it says on the label that it is diluted with Caprylic Oil.


Oils! Oils! Oils!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

I got my Young Living premium starter set last month and have been obsessed with essential oils since.

I became believer when I caught a bad virus and coughing from a co-worker. Because I did not want to be sick, I took the sample of Thieves that my friend gave me and wiped the wrapper on my throat. I only had the wrapper left because I dropped the contents on Via's foot to protect her from the virus.

Believe it or not, sore and scratchy throat and coughing was gone instantly. Of course it burned like crazy because even the oil left in the wrapper was still a lot and Thieves is hot blend. I slapped on coconut oil and the burning subsided.

Since then I have ordered more oils and been mixing like a mad scientist. It is so much fun. I feel also happy when I share it with others and they feel the relief that I did.

My co worker also caught the same virus I did and I gave a sample of Thieves. After experiencing relief, she asked me to order Thieves for her.

Just yesterday another co worker had a bad headache from work related stress. I had my tendonitis blend and she rubbed it on her forehead temples and nape. She said even before she rubbed the oil, just smelling it blew her headache away. Another believer :)

Because Young Living is kind of expensive, I am also getting some oils from Plant Therapy and I'm happy with those too.

I still haven't found the blend for my medial epicondylitis though. I will keep on experimenting until I find the right blend.


2017 Starbucks Planner

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I said I wouldn't but I did!



Friday, June 21, 2013

Yesterday my friend Becky called up Wildflour at the Podium to reserve cronuts. She went a couple of times to buy those cronuts but they were always sold out. When she called to inquire if today, that is, yesterday, they had some left, she was told to just reserve and pick it up the next day. So she did and she told me about it right after she hung up the phone.

I also wanted to try it. It's all the rage in New York. Croissant donuts, hence cronuts! I called Wildflour right away to reserve for myself. I was sure Via would love it because she absolutely loves croissant.

Here it is!

Wildflour: Hello! Good afternoon, Wildflour.

Me: Hello! I want to reserve cronuts para bukas. Pwede daw pala mag pa reserve.

Wildflour: Ay sorry Mam, hindi na kami tumatanggap ng reservation.

Me: Pero kakatawag lang ng friend ko. Now lang! Nakapagpareserve sya!

Wildflour: Sino Mam, si Becky? Last na po yun. Kung gusto nyo punta na lang kayo dito para mag reserve.

Me: Ha?! Bat ganun? Ganito na lang. Idagdag mo na lang sa order ni Becky yun order ko. Pwede?

Wildflour: Sige Mam. Ano po ang order nyo?

Me: Anong flavors meron?

Wildflour: Strawberry, vanilla at chocolate.

Me: Sige, tatlong chocolate. Magkano pala isa?

Wildflour: P120 po. Tatlong chocolate cronuts. Okay na Mam.

Me: Thank you!

Whew! So today we had lunch at Wildflour, Podium to pick up our cronuts. I had the set meal: tomato soup, caesar salad and grilled cheese sandwich for P395. The tomato soup was super. I loved it. Grilled cheese was okay. No photo. I forgot. So hungry.

The cronuts was super by the way. The creme filling made it special. Next time I'll get strawberry. I want to try all the yummy pastries but one at a time. The calories are a killer. I did a search on cronuts and couldn't find one. I guess because it just came out. There was one, Pillsbury cronut mix and it was 1,216 calories for one cronut. I can believe it!


HB Tale: Gutom na ko!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I went out to the mall to buy a stove during my lunch break today. Our stove died last night. I decided to buy the stove quickly before having my lunch. I was done in about thirty minutes, even stopping by the grocery to pick up strawberries, lettuce and my favorite mint chocolate chip mochi to eat after my lunch.

By the time I got to the cafeteria, I was really hungry. I went to get a sandwich instead of sitting down there to eat a meal. I saw a big crowd waiting around the sandwich counter. Since I hadn't decided what sandwich to get, I let the guy behind me go first. While he was ordering, I settled on a mushroom burger. I was ready and waiting for my turn.

The cashier seemed to be familiar with the guy and greeted him by name. After he finished ordering and paying, he asked the cashier where the J. Co donut stand was.

Guy: Nasan na pala yung J. Co?

Cashier: Wala na Sir.

Guy: Bakit?

Cashier: One week lang yun Sir.

Guy: Hindi na sila babalik?

By this time I couldn't stand it anymore. In my mind, he could have stepped aside while continuing the conversation to let me order therefore going one step closer to filling my stomach.

Before the cashier could reply, I interrupted and said, "Isang mushroom burger and half fries!" I half shouted.

If I wasn't super hungry maybe I could have been more patient. But it was lunchtime and I was obviously hungry. Not only me but other people waiting in line too. He should have been more aware of the other people waiting instead of taking his time chatting.

This guy was not staff and the pa cute at english-taglish speaking type of male that I abhor. One of my many pet peeves.


I Believe

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From the Twerp's favorite TinkerBell movie, so fresh and full of hope. I love it!


How To Believe

From "Tinker Bell"
Performed by Ruby Summer

Hold my hand and fly
Never say goodbye
Across the open sky
Leave the world behind
I will be alright if you stay by my side

Spring and summer
Love and laughter
We'll live happily ever after
We'll fly higher than we thought we'd be
Because you've shown me how to believe

Tiny shining star
I know who you are
You're never very far
We'll never be apart
Sparkle in my eye
Light the sky tonight

Spring and summer
Love and laughter
We'll live happily ever after
We'll fly higher than we thought we'd be
Because you've shown me how to believe
In me
You've shown me how
How to believe

Fall and winter
Love and laughter
We'll live happily ever after
We'll fly higher than we thought we'd be
Because you've shown me how to believe

Hold my hand and fly Never say goodbye


Awful Yellow Cab Experience

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My co-worker T recently got a promotion and as is the tradition in our division, she treated us, her division mates to merienda. When we have birthdays, promotions and other celebrations in our division, treats are usually for merienda instead of lunch or dinner. Don't let "merienda" deceive you though. These are really heavy merienda that we prepare for by eating very light lunches and no more dinner after.

Anyway, T had her merienda blowout last Valentine's Day. Because she had meetings throughout the day, she asked if I could help her with ordering which I gladly did. On the menu were:

Mixed Kebabs from Shawarma Center in UN Ave., Manila (P1350/kilo). This includes mixed beef, fish, lamb and chicken kebabs, Arabic bread, hummous, motabal, yogurt garlic sauce, hot sauce and vegetables. One kilo could easily feed 6 people as the bread was thick and very filling.

 photo shawarma_zpscff3a5a5.jpg

Spaghetti for 20 (P850), Pancit Malabon for 20 (P750), Barbecue P20 per stick and Pichi Pichi with Cheese (P220 per 40 pcs.) all from Amber's.

 photo ambers_zpsbb6a91c7.jpg

Pizza from Yellow Cab (Garden Special, Manhattan Meatlovers and Dear Darla). This was supposed to be Shakey's (my favorite Pizza restaurant but at the last minute, T said why not make it Yellow Cab this time for a change.

I ordered the Shawarma at around 9am, while I ordered from Amber's at 10 am. I ordered the Pizza from Yellow Cab delivery 789-9999 at 1:30pm because it was very close, just a few blocks away. The Shawarma arrived first, before 3pm, all the way from UN Avenue. Next was Amber's at exactly 3:15 from Edsa in Mandaluyong. As it was only 15 minutes to 3:30 (merienda time), we decided to wait at the lobby for the Yellow Cab pizza since we were tired of going up and down to pick up the food. At 3:40pm we got tired of waiting and decided to go up to follow up, leaving one co-worker at the lobby in case it arrived after we left. 

I called up Yellow Cab's delivery number 789-9999 to follow up. I was put on hold for a long time and then told that they will call the branch designated to deliver and call me back. I was impatient since we had told everyone to come at 3:30pm. The guests were already there. I asked which Yellow Cab branch it was (Yellow Cab, Emerald Ave. in Ortigas) and got the number to call the branch myself. The phone just rang and rang and rang. It was already 3:50. I called the call center again and was put on hold again. By that time I was getting frustrated and threatened to cancel the order. I would have too but the celebrant T said no, let me talk to them. I passed the phone on to her glad to be done with it. She got put on hold, passed around, put on hold, it was verrrry frustrating. 

Finally, the call center supervisor said the rider had left the branch at 3:50pm. What?! I ordered at 1:30 asking delivery at 3:30. They had a lot of time. Clearly they forgot or misplaced our order. What was infuriating were the excuses they made and the fact that they kept passing us around with no one knowing what was happening. It was clearly their fault and was very badly handled. There was no attempt at minimizing damage or making up to the client. They just kept on saying we will update you which will do what to the hungry guests waiting for the pizza?  The pizza finally arrived at 4:40pm but all they would give us was a 20% discount.

 photo yellowcab_zps09b53b45.jpg

I don't know what T is going to do. She was boiling mad. She got the branch manager's name, the call center supervisor's name and the rider. For myself, I'm never ordering from Yellow Cab again, especially Yellow Cab, Emerald Avenue. Loyal Shakey's customer forever.

It could be an isolated incident because previous experience were on time but they were from Yellow Cab, St. Francis Square. It must be the Yellow Cab, Emerald Avenue Branch that had horrible service but I also blame the call center for passing our order to Emerald Avenue when St. Francis Square was meters away from our office.

We ended up taking home most of the pizza because by that time, some guests had left and the others were full.


See You Around Karen

Friday, December 28, 2012

Today is my friend K's last day at work. After 16 years with our office, she has decided to resign. The decision did not come easily as all of us, her friends, were convincing her to stay.

Wag muna! 

Five years na lang may pension ka na kasama ang medical insurance.  

Pwede ka naman lumipat na lang ng department.

Mami miss mo kami!

None of what we said could change her mind. It took her a year to arrive to this point but arrive she did. Her mind is made up. All we can do now is support her decision and cheer her on whatever course she takes.

It's the holiday season and most staff are on leave.  On her last day with us, we had a two hour lunch at Sumo San in Megamall. No worries about the long lunch since there were no bosses anyway. I was on leave by the way but joined them along with the Twerp.  We got our orders out of the way so we could get on to talking.


Spicy Tuna Salad (P218)


Chicken Teriyaki (P228)




Japanese Fried Rice (P228)


K joined our office two years before I did. On my first day at our department, being introduced around to everyone, she stood out as she was very friendly and welcoming. It was very easy to talk to her and to approach her if I needed help with anything. She was the one who said that she recognized me from PNB where we both worked previously. That she also worked there. I was surprised. I'm not good at remembering faces. But I did recall her after a while and I remember even talking to her. We eventually moved to other departments but kept up our friendship. I'm sure that this is not the end of our friendship. I have few close friends but those friends I keep for life. Goodluck K!


2013 Starbucks Diary

Friday, November 23, 2012

Once again, I joined my friends in completing the sticker required for the 2013 Starbucks Diary. You might ask, like I ask some of my friends, if I actually use these diaries. Yes, I use them as notebooks for to-dos, reminders and notes. This time though, I will actually use it as a diary because my office has discontinued giving its staff yearly diaries. Sucks to use it for work but very efficient for me to have a diary for work.



This year has a magnet closure and they come in three colors: black, white, and green. I like the white and the material used can be wiped clean in case it gets dirty. As before, there are coupons which can be used every month for a variety of Starbucks products.


Wonderful Indonesia

Sunday, October 28, 2012

From time to time, my office features a country to get to know it better. There is a program to open the "exhibit" and after, a buffet of food native to that country. I've never attended any of the previous programs but this time, I was very interested because it's P's country.

I was surprised how interesting it was. There was a fashion show, talk from people who lived and worked there, and performers from their tourism ministry. We enjoyed the performance especially the one with audience participation, playing songs with the Angklung. Everyone who attended had a souvenir, an anklung. It's a musical instrument made of bamboo. It makes a sound when you tap or shake it depending on the tune.


The fashion show was a hit. The native costumes were very festive and colorful. I took a picture but it wasn't clear because of the lights on the stage. Too bad. The clothes were amazing.

Of course we enjoyed the buffet after.

My friend Becky with her Batik bag and me with the souvenir with the angklung inside.


This assorted dish is so delicious. See the dilis on the left side? That's Ikan Bilis. P always brought back Ikan Bilis with him when he went to visit Indonesia. I love it!


This is a mixed vegetable dish. It looks boring but it's really full of flavor.


Chicken Satay.





Some of the clothes on display.


It's just a preview of Indonesia's rich culture. I'm looking forward to seeing the more historic places in the country.

Fun Facts:

Java is one of the earliest places the ape-man lived. The skull of the ape-ma who lived at a time when most of Europe was under ice was discovered here.

Almost everyone in Bali has their teeth filed down. They believe that the essence of the six vices, jealousy, anger, confusion, drukenness, desire and greed, enters the body through the top six teeth. By filing the top six eeth, they are filing away their "demonic" ends. The entry of the vices are thwarted and entry to heaven is guaranteed.

Top places to see:

Bogor, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Borodubur Temple, Tagunan Zoo in Jakarta, Istiqlal Mosque, Bali and Medan.

Happy foodtripping and traveling weekend everyone!

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