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Potty Training Your Toddler

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First is to find out if she's ready for potty training. It increases chances of success. Younger babies may be also be taught but it is likely that they will forget and they are more prone to having "accidents." If your toddler is able to dress herself, is aware that she is about to poo or pee, or that she has, then the process has a great chance for success.

Take her with you to the bathroom and let her get familiar with her potty. Let her sit on it fully clothed if she wants to but never force her if she does not appear to be interested.

Let her go without diapers for short periods of time and if she does wet herself or have a bowel movement, tell her what happened without being negative. Don't tell her it's messy or smelly. Let her know that it is a natural thing to happen and explain that it is usually done in the bathroom on the potty.

Control of bowel movement usually comes before bladder control. You can usually tell if your toddler is having a bowel movement. They will stop what they are doing or grunt or sit down. When this happens bring her to the bathroom right away and sit her on the potty while explaining what is happening. It is much harder to catch them when urinating. You will usually know after the fact. Just explain what happened and let her get familiar with the wet sensation.

Toddlers are anxious to please and coupled with lavish praises when they do the right thing will help them learn faster.


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