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The Best Kinda Cake

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My friend K brought me a slice of birthday cake last week. It's chiffon cake with marshmallow icing. These kinda cakes are specially ordered for occasions like birthdays, debuts, etc. so it's not readily available. That slice of cake triggered a tremendous craving for birthday cake. It's my favorite. For me nothing compares.

Yesterday, I went to goldilocks to order one. I was told that they don't make it anymore. So off I went to Red Ribbon hoping it's available there. The conversation with the order taker went like this:

Me: Miss, mag order ako ng birthday cake.
OT: For boy or girl?
Me: Walang okasyon gusto ko lang kumain ng birthday cake.
OT: Meron kaming cakes dito (gesturing towards the display of cakes like black forest-ugh)
Me: Hindi gusto ko nga birthday cake. Mag oorder ako.
OT: For boy or girl?
Me: Hay...sige girl.
OT: Ito po ang catalogue.
Me: Ano bang pinakamura? Gusto ko lang kumain ng cake.
OT: Mam, tingin na lang kayo sa catalogue.
Me: (Leafing through the catalogue) Ano itong boiled icing? Ito ba yung marshmallow icing?
OT: Ahhh....Mam itanong nyo na lang sa manager..ayun po.
Me: (arrrgggh going to the manager) Miss, ito bang boiled icing e marshmallow icing?
Mgr: Yes Mam.
Me: Salamat (went back to the catalogue looking for the cheapest cake with no design)
After finding the cheapest, round picture cake for P500, I went to the counter.
Me: Miss, oorder na ko. Ito na lang.
OT: Mam, dun po sa manager nyo i-order.
Me: *sigh* went to the manager again....Miss, order ako ng birthday cake...ito.
Mgr: Sige Mam, picture cake, anong picture po ilalagay?
Me: Wag na, wala naman okasyon, gusto ko lang kumain ng birthday cake.
Mgr: Kailangan po may picture kasi picture cake.
Me: (AAAaaaarrrghhh....just a little more patience...) sige meron ba pagpipilian dyan?
Mgr: Ito po.
Me: Ito na lang (pointing at the first one).
Mgr: Paki fill up po itong form at full payment po. Ano pong ilalagay na greeting?
Me: (Filling up the form)...lagyan mo na lang ng pangalan ko
Mgr: Ok Mam, bukas po ang pick up ganitong oras din po.
Me: Hoooray...finally....I get to eat my cake!

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