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HB Tale: Gutom na ko!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I went out to the mall to buy a stove during my lunch break today. Our stove died last night. I decided to buy the stove quickly before having my lunch. I was done in about thirty minutes, even stopping by the grocery to pick up strawberries, lettuce and my favorite mint chocolate chip mochi to eat after my lunch.

By the time I got to the cafeteria, I was really hungry. I went to get a sandwich instead of sitting down there to eat a meal. I saw a big crowd waiting around the sandwich counter. Since I hadn't decided what sandwich to get, I let the guy behind me go first. While he was ordering, I settled on a mushroom burger. I was ready and waiting for my turn.

The cashier seemed to be familiar with the guy and greeted him by name. After he finished ordering and paying, he asked the cashier where the J. Co donut stand was.

Guy: Nasan na pala yung J. Co?

Cashier: Wala na Sir.

Guy: Bakit?

Cashier: One week lang yun Sir.

Guy: Hindi na sila babalik?

By this time I couldn't stand it anymore. In my mind, he could have stepped aside while continuing the conversation to let me order therefore going one step closer to filling my stomach.

Before the cashier could reply, I interrupted and said, "Isang mushroom burger and half fries!" I half shouted.

If I wasn't super hungry maybe I could have been more patient. But it was lunchtime and I was obviously hungry. Not only me but other people waiting in line too. He should have been more aware of the other people waiting instead of taking his time chatting.

This guy was not staff and the pa cute at english-taglish speaking type of male that I abhor. One of my many pet peeves.


Unknown August 21, 2013 at 10:55 AM  

if i am in your place ganun din ang gagawin ko haha, the cashier seems insensible of the long queue and the time

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