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Party at the Fun Ranch

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My officemate's son celebrated his 5th birthday last Sunday at the Fun Ranch. It was our first time to see it and it's really a great place to bring kids. The party was at the Blue Whale. It was hard to find because it was way at the back and on the second floor. We were late to the party because of it. I thought the place was still empty so we took a look around. There was the usual dirty ice cream cart, popcorn, french fries, games and magic tricks. I let her try a little of everything. 

Dirty ice cream in a pink cone

Watching the magic tricks

Most of the guests were 5 year old boys because the celebrant went to school at Xavier. She's happy to have found a girl playmate on the seesaw.

 Our photo ops before the party when I thought the venue was still closed  :)

 Fearless! She went down the slide over and over. 

We got a free ticket from the party which we used on the Ferris Wheel. Rides cost P50 but it was for both of us.

The Carousel

Bump Car

Waiting her turn at the Bump Boat

We went home tired but happy. We will be back here soon.


Another Short Story

Friday, March 4, 2011

One Sunday morning, a little girl woke up and felt like it was a nice day for a walk in the park. It was quite early and not too hot. She hurriedly asked Mommy to dress her, insisting on wearing a watch and bringing her fluffy pink bag.

While waiting for the elevator, checking to see if my mobile phone in mybag.

Press the ground floor button.

Ooooops.....forgot to zip my bag.

Door open....

Hmmm....what time is it?

I better get going.

Here we the park.....

How relaxing, communing with nature....

Uh-oh, it's getting hot......I better head on home.

Wow, it's much later than I thought! It's very hot. I should have brought an umbrella.

I love digital cameras. You just click and click and click and sometimes when you look at all the photos they tell a story :)

Happy Weekend!

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