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Old Friends

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We all have friends that we have lost touch with. Once they were so much a part of our lives that we talked to them several times a day and see them all the time. I've had bestfriends at different times in my life. In elementary, high school, college, my first job...There were times when we separated just to go home and sleep, then are together again the next day. But as we move on in our life, we meet new people, make new friends and experience other things. It doesn't mean that they cease to be our bestfriends. I have kept in touch with all my old friends, even from elementary.

Last Friday I had dinner with my friend from college, Whilma and her husband. Our friend Judy couldn't make it. It came about because last week Judy came to my office for a job interview. We caught up with each other and wondered about Whilma. We lost touch with her several years ago when she resigned from her work. No mobile number or email.

I decided to look her up on facebook. No luck but I found her brother. I sent a message to him to which he replied giving me Whilma's mobile number. That was around lunchtime on Friday. After texting back and forth, we made plans to meet. We had dinner at Max's Fried Chicken in Greenbelt and had the Chicken all-you-can-eat promo. That was such a good deal. I haven't even finished my first chicken, here comes the waiter giving me my a second piece. I stopped with the second chicken. More than that feels like gluttony :)
It was funny because she couldn't believe all that has happened in my life since we last saw each other. I was shocked as well to know that my godchild (her eldest) is already working! Before separating that night, we made a vow to see each other regularly. I sure hope we do.


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