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My trip to Japan // Day 1

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Mwahahahaha! I, the Twerp, have successfully taken over the blog. Anyway, since I’m bored, I’ll just tell ya about our trip to Japan. This will be split into 8 parts, for 8 days. (Excluding the 2 traveling days, entering and leaving. P.S. We checked in at our hotel at entering day) Now, day 1 is half boring and half exciting. So, me and mom just got there, and we were gonna travel to other places by train or the subway most of the time. So, for most of day 1 we had to get our JR Pass, it was overall pretty boring but at least we kinda got an idea of the stations. (Where we went most of train and subway they are in the same station, the subway is underneath the train station.) So, once we got all our passes and stuff, we went to our destination for the day, Nara Park. Honestly, I dunno why I was excited to feed deers. (In Nara park, you can buy deer food to feed deers. There are deers roaming around the park and to stop them from leaving there are walls, but it does look pretty forestry.) When we went to Nara, we took the train using our newly acquired JR pass. When we got there, we walked along this straight road. It’s pretty wide and there were shops to the sides. I saw arcades, restaurants and stores. After

WHOLE load ‘o walking

we reached like a near end point and we were now pretty hungry. (Yes, we walked THAT much.) So, we looked for restaurant, but we didn’t take any deliberate detours, so we were looking for a restaurant on the road, we found a lil' quaint restaurant and like we were hungry, so we went in and ate. (It was western style btw so not much description about the restaurant ‘kay.) So, after we ate, we continued our journey to Nara park. After several minutes of walking we were near the park. I’m kinda sad to say that we kinda got lost, we were confused about where to go. So, after a bit of aimlessly walking around we decided to continue the straight path after more walking we saw the big ark and there was a sign that said Nara park. We went inside and saw small grass paths with some trees to the sides with deers just hanging there. It was a fun challenge of taking picture of the deers. (It wasn’t that they kept on moving it was just that I didn’t really wanna get close because I miiiiight have been teeny, tiny bit scared. Anyway, further down there was this seller guy who sold the food. We bought a couple of packs and went off to feed the deers. (When you feed them, you first kind cut the crackers first so its small pieces, easy for them to eat.) So, my mom told me to flatten my hand and lay out the cracker pieces for their mouth to get. (Their mouth is sooooo fuzzy!) I really like feeding them, while I did the feeding, my mom took videos and pictures. (Honestly, my mom just like fed 3 deers). Anyway, to attract deers, just lay the food on your hand and they will come to you. (They REALLY like food.

Me feeding bootiful deers!

So, we stayed there for a couple of hours and when we had to go home, we went through the shopping path, remember when I said they had arcades? Well it wasn’t really late, so I asked if we stay in the arcade for a lil’ bit. So, she agreed and lent me some yen to use the machines. Honestly, I just used the capsule machines and bought a bunch of stuff. (When I ran out of yen we had to go.) So, we took the train home. (Did I mention that Japanese trains are so comfortable?! Like they have 4 seats 2 on each side and like a table between. I LOVE THEIR TRAINS!) So that’s it for day 1. 

                                                                                          Signing off

                                                                                              The Twerp


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