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Linen Spray at Bedtime

Friday, December 29, 2017

When I first started using essential oils six months ago, I went crazy buying oils and experimenting with blending from recipes I found on the internet and Pinterest. I had no idea about sensitization, dilutions and safety. As I learn more about using essential oils to support wellness, for skincare and beauty and natural household cleaners, I am now more focused in how I want to use essential oils in my life. So now I am making them one at a time and trying to find the best blends that work for me.

I like a clean, fresh smelling bed and pillows. So I made linen spray to help my daughter and me sleep as well as our bed to smell good. 

I used frosted spray bottle (about 70 ml).

1 part vodka
2 parts distilled water
15 drops  Lavender essential oil
15 drops Tangerine essential oil

I chose Lavender to help with anxiety, stress and insomnia, and Tangerine for relieving tension/anxiety, emotional imbalances, promoting healthy sleep.

As I am typing this, the little one has already fallen asleep. Looks like it served its purpose ;-)

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