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Kids Don't Lie

Sunday, July 24, 2016

At Via's classmate's birthday party yesterday during a Bring Me game...

Bring me 5 prettiest mommies!

Kids rushing, grabbing and dragging their mommies to the party host hoping to be one of the 5 and get a prize.

Via was just standing there ... watching.

I asked her, "Aren't you joining? Don't you want a prize?"She said, "No, I'll join other games."

Hmmmm she always joins games always dragging me in front for whatever games need mommies.

 Later after the party.......

I asked her, (because I couldn't let it daughter does not think I'm pretty!) Ha Ha Ha

Why didn't you join the prettiest mommy bring me game?.... What were you waiting for? Bring me the oldest mommy? (She always says I am the oldest Mommy among her classmates mommies)

Mom (her tone exasperated) you have short hair! How can short hair be pretty?!

Got it.

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