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Tough Question #3

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mom, why did you and Daddy have S-E-X?


Thought bubble: What the fudge should I say??? I have to answer the question. I can't just ignore it! Think! Think! I can't take too long thinking about it.....hmmmm.....

Me: Well Via, when two people love each other, one way they express that love is through sex.

Via: Don't say it! Why are you saying S-E-X?

Me: What's wrong with saying sex?

Via: Eeeeeewwww, it makes me want to barf! So why did you and Daddy have S-E-X?

Me: I already told you. Sex is something God created for a man and a woman to express their love for each other. But...only after getting married because if it is before marriage, it is a sin.

Via: Tell me the story of how you met Daddy again...

Okay... (anything to get off that topic) :)

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