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The Darnedest Thing!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

We recently remembered our loved ones who passed last November 2, All Soul's Day.

In Via's art class in school, they did the same thing by making art that was relevant to All Soul's Day. Via made a candle for his Lolo and wrote this at the back.

"I pray for my Lolo because he married three wives and I still pray for him."

I would have loved to see her teacher's face when she read that. Ha-Ha!


It's Halloween!

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Twerp attended Enopi's Treats and Treats Blowout. It's a special treat for all their students and they got to bring along a friend. Via invited her friend Jiyeon.

She told me that, "Jiyeon will come as a Viking or rather...a Vi-Queen...because she's a girl. Via went as a Cat. A Blue cat! I wanted her go wear her Frozen ballerina costume since she only wore it once but no dice. She has her own mind now. She told me that, as a Blue cat, she would wear black leggings, a plain white T-shirt and her blue jacket. Fine!

I had trouble finding blue facepaint seeing as it's almost halloween and costumes, facepaint, etc., were all out in stores.

So I went to Watson's to see what could be used for facepaint. I found a BLUE KOHL EYELINER that was perfect for drawing cat's eyes and whiskers. She loved it!

Here are the Blue Cat and the Vi-Queen!


Happy Halloween!

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