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Comfort Food

Saturday, October 17, 2015

There's nothing like having your favorite comfort food on a rainy day and the best kind are comfort food from your childhood.

I had a sudden longing for my comfort food from childhood while watching Via eat her Tuna on Rye. Everytime I go to my Mom's office, I eat chicken barbecue with Java rice and achara. Always without fail. It's still one of my favorite food which always brings me back to 70s PNB head office in Escolta, the canteen at the third floor. It was always such a treat!

Now whenever Via comes to my office she has to have Tuna on Rye. Always.

My chicken barbecue looked like that of Aristocrat's. It remains to be seen if she will feel the same nostalgia for her childhood when she sees a tuna sandwich the way I feel when I see chicken barbecue.

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