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Summer of 2015 Roundup

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer just seemed to zoom by. I can't believe it's the middle of the year. Soon it will be Christmas once again.

What did the Twerp do during the summer? I tried to fill it with activities.

So she had swimming lessons, children's theater workshop, voice workshop, and eye level math. She also had playdates with her bestfriends. Still, it can't be helped that there will be times when there is simply nothing to do. So I allowed her to watch TV and use the iPad which are not allowed on weekdays during the schoolyear. It didn't help that start of classes was pushed back a week because renovation of the school was not completed on time. *Sigh* It was a relief when classes finally started on 22 June.

Swimming lessons were effective. She now knows dog paddle and freestyle. Freestyle with breathing is a bit of a challenge but we shall continue to practice. Final day was in the deep diving pool to see if she could move on to intermediate. She passed....barely... as her coughing was really bad. So next year on to intermediate level.


Trumpets Playshop and a voice workshop at my office helps build confidence and she learned to at least follow the tune instead of making up her own :) She also had fun getting to know the other kids. Some of them she discovered later also went to the same school she did.


We also checked out the newly opened Dream Play at Dream City. She liked cooking with Gingy but was disappointed that she couldn't do to wall climbing and the ropes since there was a height requirement.


Had a staycation at Solaire Resort Hotel. We both enjoyed the big pool. The water was warm and there was a shady part so we wouldn't get too dark.



A hair makeover before the start of school. We had sparkles put it. Nice touch :)

An fun summer to be sure!

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