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A Birthday Celebration

Thursday, December 10, 2015

It's my birthday!
It's my birthday!
It's my birthday!

The Twerp was so excited about her birthday celebration. Of course the real celebration was visiting Disneyland but her celebration in school is also cause for excitement.

Instead of a birthday cake we got Mrs. Field's birthday cookie. After the candle blowing, everyone was encouraged to get a piece or two or three....


Like last year, we did not order the food but made it ourselves. She had the Fairy Pinwheel Bread and Fall Snack Mix. Both recipes were on Youtube as well which made it easy for us to re-create. I modified the Fall Snack Mix recipe to fit the occasion so instead of candy corns I got different colored jellies. It was tight but we made it to school on time.


She got lots of presents from her classmates which kept on coming days after her birthday. After soccer practice, we went to Kidzoona with her two bestest friends, Jiyeon and Samantha. She got a Nerf Rebelle from Jiyeon, something she's been hankering to get for months and a Barbie from Sam.



The Twerp is 7!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I gave Via a choice between a birthday party and a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. She chose Disneyland. What kid wouldn't, huh?  :)

We woke up around 4am to catch our 8am flight to Hong Kong. What with the spate of incidents at the airport lately, I had our luggage wrapped up in plastic and tape. I wrapped Via's Frozen backpack and taped the pockets of her jacket. How's that for paranoia? We made it to Hong Kong without incident.

We took the MTR to Tsing Yi, where we got scissors to cut away all that plastic from our luggage. From there, we had a hard time finding the right train to Sunny Bay. After going up and down the elevator between level 1 and 2 a couple times, I finally asked someone who said we should be at level 4. Duh! I saw a sign to go down to level 1 for Sunny Bay. Anyway....


We finally got to Hong Kong Disneyland where we waited for the bus that would take us to the Disney Hollywood Hotel where we left our luggage before heading on to the park. We got to the park around 12:30 pm and didn't leave until after the fireworks.


Everytime Via saw the coin stamping machine, she just had to get a coin. She wanted to collect all of them. At HK$15 per coin, it converts to about Php100 per coin. Expensive!

It was almost 10pm when we got back to our hotel. I was exhausted. My day started at 4am and it was nonstop going all day. The Twerp wrote this before going to sleep and she kept saying over and over all day and the next day, "Mom, thank you for bringing me to Hong Kong Disneyland."


The next day, we got up early to look around the hotel before having breakfast at Chef Mickey



At Chef Mickey, we got a photo op with the Chef himself. Via said, it's all Mickified, even the food!


We also went to the arcade which was free for guests at the Disney Hollywood Hotel. Even the parents had fun. I liked the shooting game.


Our second day at the park was truly exhausting, at least for me. Via did not want to sit and rest even for a bit. The only rest I got was when we had to use the toilet! We watched every show, every parade and got on every ride except the RC Racer ride. I told her, I am absolutely petrified of that ride. She said, "you're a scaredy cat Mom!" I don't care! I'm not getting on that ride!

Our favorite was the Runaway Mine Cars which was a roller coaster that went forward and back and forward again. We also loved Space Mountain and the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop rides.

Via did not want to leave without a dip in the piano shaped pool at the hotel. So even if it was cold, she went swimming. She said there was warm water coming out of holes spaced all around the pool so the water was not that cold.

Disneyland was truly a magical place for the Twerp!


The Darnedest Thing!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

We recently remembered our loved ones who passed last November 2, All Soul's Day.

In Via's art class in school, they did the same thing by making art that was relevant to All Soul's Day. Via made a candle for his Lolo and wrote this at the back.

"I pray for my Lolo because he married three wives and I still pray for him."

I would have loved to see her teacher's face when she read that. Ha-Ha!


It's Halloween!

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Twerp attended Enopi's Treats and Treats Blowout. It's a special treat for all their students and they got to bring along a friend. Via invited her friend Jiyeon.

She told me that, "Jiyeon will come as a Viking or rather...a Vi-Queen...because she's a girl. Via went as a Cat. A Blue cat! I wanted her go wear her Frozen ballerina costume since she only wore it once but no dice. She has her own mind now. She told me that, as a Blue cat, she would wear black leggings, a plain white T-shirt and her blue jacket. Fine!

I had trouble finding blue facepaint seeing as it's almost halloween and costumes, facepaint, etc., were all out in stores.

So I went to Watson's to see what could be used for facepaint. I found a BLUE KOHL EYELINER that was perfect for drawing cat's eyes and whiskers. She loved it!

Here are the Blue Cat and the Vi-Queen!


Happy Halloween!


Comfort Food

Saturday, October 17, 2015

There's nothing like having your favorite comfort food on a rainy day and the best kind are comfort food from your childhood.

I had a sudden longing for my comfort food from childhood while watching Via eat her Tuna on Rye. Everytime I go to my Mom's office, I eat chicken barbecue with Java rice and achara. Always without fail. It's still one of my favorite food which always brings me back to 70s PNB head office in Escolta, the canteen at the third floor. It was always such a treat!

Now whenever Via comes to my office she has to have Tuna on Rye. Always.

My chicken barbecue looked like that of Aristocrat's. It remains to be seen if she will feel the same nostalgia for her childhood when she sees a tuna sandwich the way I feel when I see chicken barbecue.


Summer of 2015 Roundup

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer just seemed to zoom by. I can't believe it's the middle of the year. Soon it will be Christmas once again.

What did the Twerp do during the summer? I tried to fill it with activities.

So she had swimming lessons, children's theater workshop, voice workshop, and eye level math. She also had playdates with her bestfriends. Still, it can't be helped that there will be times when there is simply nothing to do. So I allowed her to watch TV and use the iPad which are not allowed on weekdays during the schoolyear. It didn't help that start of classes was pushed back a week because renovation of the school was not completed on time. *Sigh* It was a relief when classes finally started on 22 June.

Swimming lessons were effective. She now knows dog paddle and freestyle. Freestyle with breathing is a bit of a challenge but we shall continue to practice. Final day was in the deep diving pool to see if she could move on to intermediate. She passed....barely... as her coughing was really bad. So next year on to intermediate level.


Trumpets Playshop and a voice workshop at my office helps build confidence and she learned to at least follow the tune instead of making up her own :) She also had fun getting to know the other kids. Some of them she discovered later also went to the same school she did.


We also checked out the newly opened Dream Play at Dream City. She liked cooking with Gingy but was disappointed that she couldn't do to wall climbing and the ropes since there was a height requirement.


Had a staycation at Solaire Resort Hotel. We both enjoyed the big pool. The water was warm and there was a shady part so we wouldn't get too dark.



A hair makeover before the start of school. We had sparkles put it. Nice touch :)

An fun summer to be sure!

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