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A Tough Question

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Photo from Buzzlefeed
I have always wondered at what age my daughter would ask these difficult questions. She was about 3 when she asked what pregnant is. I showed her a picture of myself when I was pregnant and told her that it meant a woman was having a baby. I even  showed her the ultrasound video of her stretching inside my tummy. That was enough for her.

But now she asked me, how did she get in my tummy? Hmmmm....that had me stumped a bit that I stalled and asked her what she said because I didn't hear her clearly. I didn't want to say that she wouldn't understand and that I will tell her when she's older. I wouldn't be satisfied with that.

Finally, I said that she grew inside from from a little thing like a seed. She grew a little each day and growing hands and feet, etc. Whew! I guess that's all right for now but I dread the next question. Where the "seed" comes from?

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