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Winnie the Witch

Sunday, November 30, 2014

For Via's end of book month book character parade in school, we decided she would go as Winnie the Witch. Actually, it was the easiest among the list of books the kids were to choose from.

It turned out well didn't it, complete with broom and magic wand. She was especially happy with the pearls  :)


Lost First Baby Tooth

Who lost her tooth today?

The lower front tooth has been loose for a couple of weeks now. Finally today, she pulled it out herself.

Happy that she doesn't have any cavities. I hope same with her coming permanent teeth.


Intentional Parenting

Saturday, November 29, 2014

In all my life I have never participated in any outreach mission in depressed areas. When Yolanda happened, I wanted to volunteer for crisis debriefing and stress/trauma counselling but that was shut down before I could sign up.

Today, Via and I joined my office's outreach mission in Isla Pulo in Malabon. It was a very enriching experience for me and I hope my daughter learned something from it too. It IS better to give than to receive. 

Since I had Via, I made a conscious effort to change because if I wanted a daughter that was grounded, giving, compassionate, patient, respectful and God-centered, then I had to be that way too. Which I wasn't. I grew up spoiled and indulged and only thought of myself. I sound really awful, don't I?  I wanted Via to not be like me. I'm glad I learned more about intentional parenting from CCF (Christ's Commission Fellowship) and their Counterflow parenting workshop.

It's still a struggle to change but just looking at my daughter's face reminds my to get back on track whenever I am backsliding.


Still on the Tough Question

Monday, October 6, 2014

Well the follow up question came sooner that I thought.

Via is a big fan of EvanTubeHD and she was watching the EvanTubeHD Commentary on Best 2013 Super Bowl Commercials the other night. One of the commercials was for Kia where a family was in their car and the little boy wanted to know where babies came from.

That got her started again about how babies became well...babies. I repeated my reply a couple days ago that babies start from something like a little seed. Via said, it's not really a seed, it's an egg. I told her that she was right. It was from an egg.

Then she said, how did the egg get inside of Mommy?

I said, well...all girls have eggs. She said, what?! and started to cry, "I don't want to get cut up!"

Okay, this was getting serious fast! She knew about the cutting up because I had a caesarian section.

I said wait, wait, wait! You don't have eggs yet. You're still a baby. When you get your mentruation at may 12 years old, that's when you have eggs. Menstruation is when you see me wearing my diaper. But that still doesn't mean you'll have a baby. You will learn all about it in school later.

She was focused on her fear of being cut up so I told her it's not the only way babies come out. She said where? I said through the peepee. 

What?! No I don't want that! That's ouchie!

I really wasn't handling it too well. She took me by surprise. So I said, let's not talk about this right now because you're getting upset.

Oh dear, let the next time be in a few years please!


A Tough Question

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Photo from Buzzlefeed
I have always wondered at what age my daughter would ask these difficult questions. She was about 3 when she asked what pregnant is. I showed her a picture of myself when I was pregnant and told her that it meant a woman was having a baby. I even  showed her the ultrasound video of her stretching inside my tummy. That was enough for her.

But now she asked me, how did she get in my tummy? Hmmmm....that had me stumped a bit that I stalled and asked her what she said because I didn't hear her clearly. I didn't want to say that she wouldn't understand and that I will tell her when she's older. I wouldn't be satisfied with that.

Finally, I said that she grew inside from from a little thing like a seed. She grew a little each day and growing hands and feet, etc. Whew! I guess that's all right for now but I dread the next question. Where the "seed" comes from?


Discovering Muay Thai

Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm a few years late since most of my friends have tried it years ago. Better late than never. After Via's stint with Tae Kwon Do which she loved, I decided to try out martial arts as exercise.

I was allowed to have a trial to see if I liked it. It was a great trial class because there were only 2 of us. The coach found gloves and handwraps for me to use. We start with warming up and shadowing. I could not get the hang of the jabbing and kicking routine but eventually got it by doing it slowly.

By the time we got to the actual workout of 3 minutes per set, I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I loved the kicking and the punching. After the workout, I felt so relaxed. Even my back pain seemed to disappear. 

 I paid my membership fee the next day and bought my gloves and hand wraps. Too bad my first session was cancelled due to Typhoon Glenda. 


Losing Patience

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

If you're a mom, you would have lost your patience with your child at least once or several times :) I know I have. I promised myself to never hit my child or raise my voice no matter how stubborn she got. Easier said than done. I have been pushed to the limits of my patience so many times and have given in to yelling and in a few instances, hitting. The hitting was nothing more than a light tap mostly on her butt or her hands, but it was still hitting. So when a couple of friends on Facebook shared this article on yelling at kids, I read with trepidation. I knew I would be guilty.

One Sunday, Via was particularly stubborn. Before going in a restaurant to eat, we went to the restroom. I wanted her to pee so she wouldn't say I need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the meal, especially when there is no bathroom in the restaurant and we have to go to the end of the mall. Well she wouldn't. "I'm not wiwi." Most of the time she is but just doesn't want to go. Well this time I lost my patience and swatted her butt. Another time she wouldn't take her antibiotics and spit it out when she did. Lost my temper and shouted at the top of my voice, "take your medicine!"

That night though, I saw the article again, it was shared several times, and remembered what I did that day. I sat down beside Via in bed and said that I was sorry I spanked her and shouted at her sometimes when she was particularly stubborn. Her eyes filled with tears. I knew then that her feelings were hurt. But the way children usually are, she was quick to forgive and said that we will remind each other whenever we forget and raise our voices.


Savor the Day

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The weekend is our time together, Via and I. And she always says, " I love doing things with you MommyThis the best day ever!" It so warms my heart.

These moments are sometimes spoiled during mealtimes. Via is a verrrrry slow eater and I eat very fast. I guess I just gobble up my food especially when I'm very hungry. Which is why I always end up, after patiently waiting for a few minutes, telling Via to "hurry up." Finish your food! Swallow!

Last Sunday, we had dessert at Coldstone Creamery. It's her new favorite ice cream. I had a piece of cake and coffee from the coffee shop next to it, Caffe Pascucci. As usual I finished first. After awhile I told Via to "Hurry Up."

She said to me,"Mom, why do you always tell me to hurry up? Let us savor the day!"

Of course that shut me up! Why DO I always tell her to hurry up when it's our time together? It doesn't matter what we do, it's that we are doing it together and I should not rush it. She's right! We must savor every moment together! We must savor every moment of our life! We must savor our Coldstone Creamery desserts too!

My daughter has been such a blessing to me, there are no words. I have become a better person because of her. I got to know myself because of her. And I am striving each day to better myself, especially when I see her imitating my behavior, my actions, my habits, my expressions.... Am I her role model? That scares me and it drives me to improve myself and be a better person.

p.s. - I had the velvet cake at Caffe Pascucci. It was so-so. Next time I'll try the chocolate one.


A Case of Bullying?

I was happy to know that two of Via's preschool classmates are also her classmates now in big school in Kinder 2. New students were all put in one class because the school had Kinder 1 so old students would have already formed friendships.

The first week of school, Via told me that a classmate pushed her friend Z. The next day, she said this same "dark skinned" girl kicked Z. [Btw, the "dark skin" is just her description of the classmate not to discriminate]. These incidents happened while on the playground during recess.  Friday of that first week was Parent-Teacher Conference day and I expected Z's mom would mention the two incidents to the class adviser. I didn't want to meddle since it was not my kid. I already chatted with Z's mom a few times and bullying was her top most concern since Z is kind of small for her age.

The second week, Via said this girl kicked their other friend J three times and gripped Via's arm very tight. She also borrowed Via's fan and broke it and borrowed her pen and "lost it" when Via asked for it back. I started to think this girl had a problem. At first I thought it might be normal pushing and shoving in the playground that were accidental. The next day, Via said this girl stepped on all of their toes and followed them when they moved away from her. 

That day right after school I got a call from Z's mom because she was now very upset. Z told her about the shoving and the kicking and stepping on toes as soon as she got in the car after school each day that it happened and it was evident that it was upsetting her. On the other hand, Via reported all the incidents to the teacher, the fan and the pen and the stepping on their toes. I didn't want to step in because every time an incident happened I asked what Via did and I was happy with the way she was handling it and she didn't appear to be bothered by it. But Z, when asked by her mom if she told the teacher, she said she did not because the teacher was busy. In any case, Z's mom asked me if I wanted to talk to the teacher or the guidance councilor to bring the matter to their attention. She had also already called the teacher to report it. 

I'm willing to give the girl the benefit of the doubt. She might not know how to ask to play with their group and the shoving, etc. could be her way of getting their attention. Still, it's better to let the school know that there is something going on so they could watch out for it, in case the girl really has a problem.

So yesterday we spoke with the guidance councilor and the assistant principal. They already took steps the last week talking to the girl and her parents and I was assured. The girl is a foreigner so that could be one of the reasons for her behavior, she felt that she didn't fit in maybe.

So it's wait and see for now. As long as it's not bothering Via and she's standing up for herself and handling it, I'll let her be.


Daddy's Home!

Daddy messaged me that he would be coming home for a couple of weeks which was totally unexpected. So we looked forward to that day, a Friday. Thursday morning, somebody was at the door very early. Sino ba yan ang aga ah! It was Daddy! He got confused because the flight was midnight. Good thing cos he got to  see Via's last day as kiddie crew at TGI Fridays.

Because it was very short notice, we didn't have anything planned. I just went on leave from work 3 days of each week he was here. We went to the malls (where else?), attended big school orientation and bought school uniform, played lots of badminton and we finally went to rainforest park in Pasig. That was fun! It's a nice place to spend an afternoon with kids. We will be back when the weather is cooler.

Before we knew it, it was time for Daddy to leave but we made the most of the short time he was here.


What's the meaning of...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My daughter is now in big school. Yay! She is in Kinder 2 and Mommy is so excited! Can't wait for Monday the first day of school. Everything needed on the school list is ready. I can't help na magtaas ng kilay sa ibang items pero na din. Some of these are two rolls of toilet paper, a box of tissue, liquid soap....etc. The emergency kit, they call it "grab kit" I understand. The others....sige na lang.

Before I get totally off track, I wrote this post because Via has been asking the meaning of words she comes across while reading or watching videos. It's great that she's curious but sometimes I really run out of answers. Words that I took for granted were a challenge to define using small words kids understand.


Lately, she took to watching magic's greatest secrets on YouTube and she started asking the meaning of words like
red carpet
bendable babe (yikes!)

So what words have your children asked you to define?


Goodbye Preschool! Hello Big School!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I always thought I would be proud of whatever my little girl accomplishes but I was surprised at the rush of pride that I felt when I read the email from her school.

"Congratulations! Just to let you know that Via has been chosen to do the speech for the graduation....."

Suddenly I'm oblivious to everything but the feeling of bursting pride. There are no awards given out at Via's preschool. The school follows the concept of all kids are special in their own ways. Instead, students who have performed well or excelled are given special roles during graduation. There are four special roles: two students for the leading roles in the musical production, one student to do the Invocation and one student to make the graduation speech.

Congratulations Via! Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you!

Via has also been accepted at our chosen big school. It was all or nothing because we haven't applied anywhere else. So on to the next chapter!


Stay at Home Mom for a Little Time

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I always say, I would love to be a stay at home mom, to be hands on in taking care of my daughter, doing housework...mommy stuff. So I am for a time. Let me say that I love it! I won't say I was not exasperated at times or at the end of my patience but on the whole it was great.

In the morning we would make our breakfast together. That would be around 10am. I let her sleep late because she doesn't get enough sleep. Children  her age needs 12-15 hours sleep and she gets about 10 hours at the most. So we make pancakes or toasted bread and eat breakfast leisurely.

After breakfast if I have an errand we go out but not too long. Via tires easily and I don't want to have to carry her around. We would be home about 2pm then we have our lunch at home. I try to get her to nap after lunch but if she can't fall asleep then we play or watch a video or read. Dinner is at 6pm and bedtime at 8pm.

It was easy to fall back to the way I did housework before I had Via. I made sure I did a little bit of washing clothes, cleaning the house everyday so the housework won't piile up. I look forward to Monday, the start of school. I will be preparing her school snack and bring her to school :) 

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