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Natural Remedies VS Modern Medicine

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Guest post by Rick MD.

On one occasion, I met a couple who were working in the health industry. I had an interesting conversation with them. Apparently, the husband works with natural remedies while his wife is a physician, but not practicing.

The husband declared that medication is poison. I replied that, to some degree, I agreed with him but that I still believe, in some cases, medication is really needed. He then challenged me to give an example where medication is needed. I cited has high fever. The patient would need medication to relieve the symptoms. No, he disagreed. High fever can be remedied by drinking plenty of water. He added that he has natural remedies for all conditions. Wow! That is interesting.

Then it was my turn to challenge him. How about HIVAIDS, I asked. He replied that he also has a remedy for that. Now this sounded like quack medicine to me. At first, I agreed with him that medication not used in the proper way is poison. But when he said he had remedies for all conditions, that is a different story. It seemed to me that he disagreed with modern medicine because it contained chemicals. I did not prolong the argument. My guess is that he has had this kind of discussion many times on many different occasions. 

Afterwards, I realized that there are many other instances where medication is really needed. I believe that the discovery of medicine itself is a blessing for the human race. A long time ago, people died from a simple wound infection. The discovery of penicillin is a blessing in treating infections. Penicillin was accidentally developed from a natural source, fungi. Finally, as a Christian, I believe that medicines are blessings from Above.

However, the use of the medication is often abused by people. Heroin can be very useful for those severe pain or those who have had a surgical procedure. There are those, however, that use it as a recreational drug.

Yes, all chemicals foreign to our body have side effects. I do not deny it. That is why it is very important to discuss the cost and benefit of medication prescribed by your physician. Never use medication without the supervision of your physician.

Nowadays, many people claim that they can treat all kinds of diseases in this world with natural remedies. Diabetes can be fully treated. Cancer is not a problem anymore. It is surprising that many people choose these alternative treatments. One of the main reasons could be that modern medicine itself admitted that it cannot cure all diseases. As is human nature, we try to seek an alternative.

At the end of our conversation, he said that modern medicine is needed in emergency situations but not for daily use. At last we found a common ground. I agreed with his statement. Chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus type 2, stroke, heart attack are due to unhealthy lifestyle. Natural remedies can be used to prevent them. Water, grains, vegetables are actually some of the natural remedies that we found in our daily life in combination with a healthy and active lifestyle.

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