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Dr. Kong Comfort and Healthy Shoes

Monday, July 29, 2013

I noticed for a while now that my daughter's feet turns inward (in-toeing or pigeon toed) when she walks. Pike kumbaga. When she learned to run, I was afraid that she would trip on her own feet because it was bent almost 45 degrees inwards.

Last week we were at Via's pedia for another health complaint. I mentioned that I was concerned with her feet and that maybe she needs corrective shoes. Her pedia said it looked like Via was flatfooted but that it's better to consult with an orthopedic doctor. We did. After looking at the x-ray, the ortho doctor said there was nothing wrong anatomically. That she would grow out of it.

To help her along, I decided to check out the shoes that Via's pedia recommended, Dr. Kong. Yesterday we went to Dr. Kong shoe store in Robinson's Galleria. I was surprised to see that they carry adult shoes too. They also had a machine to examine the feet. I let Via shoes which shoes she like so she's sure to wear them. I also tried on a slip on that caught my attention. It felt AMAZING! I never wear heels and always buy Naturalizer or Aerosoles because I have big feet (size 9) but very slim.

I did not intend to buy shoes myself but I just could not pass it up. I've never felt so comfortable. It fit like a glove. I also had my feet examined. Kids feet may be examined at 6 years old. Dr. Kong shoes are advisable for kids so their feet are healthy and well-formed. 

The bones in my feet were normal although turned outwards a little but I was not flatfooted. In any case, I'm sold on Dr. Kong shoes. I will buy Via's school shoes here and my office shoes since I saw a few pumps on display.

We visited Dr. Kong shoes branch in Robinson's Galleria, 3rd Level (Jumpstreet).


Learning Social Skills

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Like mother, like daughter as some people say. No, Via is not like Mommy. At least not when we talk about social situations. I was very shy growing up. Still am although being an adult requires me to put shyness aside in many situations especially now that I have a daughter. 

Knowing this about myself, I set about exposing Via socially as early as possible, as much as possible. I enrolled her in pre-school at 3 years old, more for the interaction with other kids than academics. We also never fail to attend Sabbath School and join every activity there is. I think I succeeded. 

It helps too that Daddy is good in social situations. I've seen him talk to people from all sorts of backgrounds, from the working class to lawyers, business people etc. He always knew what to talk about with them. I'm amazed at the range of subjects he knows. He can talk politics, religion, current events, entertainment, sports, etcetera. I think she inherited that gene from Daddy. Social skills.

Like Daddy, Via chats with the security guards in our building, with the expat Mommy at my office, with my expat boss and with other children of different nationalities. Always with confidence. None of my trepidation and second guessing myself whether that was a good topic or not.

I saw just how confident she was yesterday. We had lunch and spent the afternoon at her Sabbath School friend Adi's place yesterday. It was Adi's birthday. LJ, another Sabbath School friend, and her mom were also invited. They could have played all night if we didn't put a stop to it at around 7pm.

As we were leaving Adi's unit, there was a boy about 6 years old biking in the corridor. His name was Pom Pom and he was Adi's playmate. So they played a bit with him, running behind the bike. After a couple of minutes, we had to go and started down the stairs. The girls waved goodbye to Pom Pom.

Via called out from the stairs, "Bye Pom Pom. My name is Kristie. You can remember my name" and Pom Pom said, "Bye Kristie."

I won't have to worry about Via handling herself socially but maybe we have to teach her to temper it a little bit.

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