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Discipline for My Preschooler

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I survived the "terrible twos" which, come to think of it, wasn't too terrible at all. It was a delight to watch her do something new each day. I'm having more trouble now that she's three, a preschooler.

From the beginning I decided that I would not baby talk to her or treat her too much like a baby. Of course, it's a different story when she's sick. The she can have all the babying and the cuddling and the pampering. On normal days though, she would be treated like an "adult." I explained to her why she certain things are not allowed and was firm. When I promised her anything, I made sure that I kept it. I wanted a relationship with her that was based on mutual love, trust and respect. One reason why I would have wanted to home school her with help from private tutors if needed. But it's not possible.

We tried "time outs" but it didn't work out. Our place is a one-bedroom condo unit and there just was not an area for the time out. Also, she just kept on crying and crying and crying even after the elapsed time. It didn't work for us. Well, maybe a little, because she would act contrite after and she knew she did something wrong. But the crying was upsetting  because it did not stop until the end of the time out. suggests taking time outs together. Sit with your child during her time out. Hmmm, I'll try that sometime.

We really don't have much situations that result in tantrums because she understands what she can and can't do. There are times though that she just really, really wants to do something even if she knows it's not allowed and why. Or when she's enjoying an activity and it's time to go.


An example is this one Sunday that we went to the street fiesta in Emerald Ave. After a puppet show, the stage was empty and she wanted to dance there. I let her. But it was getting very hot and after a few minutes, I told her we had to go because of the heat. She was just having too much fun. She willingly went down but circled back and went up the stage again. After three times, I put my foot down and said we absolutely had to go. I'm ashamed to say I offered a bribe to have chocolate cake on the way back home. It worked though.

How about you? What discipline tools do you use for your child?

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