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Baby's First Word

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Via always wakes up at 6 a.m. without fail that she serves as Daddy's alarm clock. We put her to sleep in her crib but winds up with us in bed when she wakes up because when she asks for milk in the middle of the night, I just lay her down beside us so I don't have to wait up for her to finish her milk.
As soon as she wakes, she points at toys or books that she wants to play with while we doze off again. That morning last week, she wanted the black binder with printouts I made of fruits. Some of them were already torn but she still loves going through them. She was busy looking at the pictures of fruits "talking" in her baby language while I tried to go back to sleep when I heard her say, "nana." I looked at the picture she had in her hand when she said it and it was a picture of a Banana! Before this of course, she's been saying mama and dada along with brrr brrrr, tssss tssss and gibberish. So we weren't sure when she said mama and dada that she was referring to us, mommy and daddy. This time though it's clear she identified the fruit and said it!

I'm so amazed at how fast her development has been. She's not even a year old yet. I keep reminding myself now to be careful about everything I do and say as she's very quick to imitate what she hears and sees.


Facebook Connection Update

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I wrote last month that I have been unable to connect to Facebook for almost a month. I thought at first it was a problem with the internet connection. After checking with PLDT though, there was nothing wrong with the connection. Maybe it was a virus! I downloaded Norton antivirus, 30-day free trial. No virus was detected.

I really suspected P blocked facebook to keep me from playing facebook games. He wanted me to play with Via instead. Well, one day last week, my friends Pearl and Becky had lunch at my place. Pearl tinkered with the computer while Becky and I played with Via. Eventually she found that facebook was indeed blocked! My suspicion was confirmed! P did block facebook. There was no one else!

When I told him later that I could connect to facebook again, he had that same blank look on his face. He wouldn't admit it. He was right though. I should spend more time with Via instead of sitting in front of the computer. So now I'm careful to limit playing FB games. I guess P's happy. His ploy worked!


Smash for a Cause

Monday, November 9, 2009

This group we play with in Greenhills organized a small badminton tournament to help with the hospital expenses of a brother of a group member. They lacked players for the mixed doubles so we joined at the last minute. We haven't played for about a month and we were placed in the Level 1 group. Well, we didn't win a single match. We enjoyed the matches though as the scores were close even if we lost.

It's really so hard to get back in shape once you've stopped being physically active . Before my pregnancy, we were in really good shape. Then we stopped playing for about 6 months (I played until I was 5 months pregnant). It's hard to get back though especially when you're sleep deprived.


The Biggest Loser Challenge

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Four friends from work and myself decided to have our version of the biggest loser. It was actually instigated by me. I was afraid it would be difficult to lose all the weight I gained from my pregnancy. I gained 42 lbs! Two weeks after giving birth though, I lost 28 lbs but I still had 14 lbs to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 130 lbs. So on with the challenge.
We began on January 2, 2009. The challenge was to run for 6 months, ending on June 30. Each of us would give P1,000 to the pot so the winner will get P5,000. We would weigh ourselves every end of the month to check our progress using the weighing scale at the gym in the office. It was up to us how we would lose the weight. Whether to go on a diet, work out in the gym or take up a sport. Taking slimming tea, herbal drinks and the like was also okay. Anything invasive though was not allowed (for example: liposuction).

On June 30 though, the biggest weight lost was only 5 lbs and 3 challengers actually gained weight! So we decided to extend the challenge to September 30. The result was the same though. Most challengers gained weight. The winner lost 7.5 lbs. Me! :)

Because we considered the challenge a failure, we decided to have another one. This time though the prize will only be lunch at the restaurant of the winner's choice. We began on the first week of October and will end on January 31, 2010.

Who will win this time?


Afternoon at the Park

Monday, November 2, 2009

Last Sunday, November 1 was All Saint's Day. It's a day when Filipinos remember their dead. Although I don't know why it's done on that day because November 2 is All Soul's Day. I don't really observe it anyway. I just said a prayer for my Mom and Dad.

We were cooped up all day at home and I felt the urge to go out. I decided to bring Via to Ortigas Park nearby. P was studying for prelims this coming week. Living in a building, I need to put in extra effort to bring her outdoors to nature. I love Sundays and holidays because Ortigas Center is deserted. It's so peaceful. I put Via in her stroller and went.....stopping along the way to let her touch a tree, leaves of a plant, point out the large guard dogs at Oakwood....

At the park, I took off Via's shoes and let her walk in the grass. At first she didn't like it. It probably felt prickly to her and ticklish. But later on she had fun crawling and rolling around the grass.

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