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The Struggle Continues

Saturday, June 20, 2020

As a child, I was a very picky eater. I only ate the same things over and over and my Mom let me. Now I am a Mom and I realize that my Mom probably took the easy way and just let me eat whatever I wanted 😀 She also spoiled me so I eat what I want and do what I want, always.

When I had Via, I agreed with her Dad that she would eat mostly vegetables and fruits, no soda, limited sweets, seldom chicken and beef and absolutely no pork. She will also definitely not be spoiled. This was easier when she was younger. As she gets older, she has opinions and preferences which makes it harder to stick to the healthy diet.

The positive side of having started her young on this diet is that she has NEVER EVER eaten processed food and refuses to do so. Her palate is just not used to it so it does not taste good to her 👍👍👍 She continues to eat veggies even when she says she hates it because she is used to it 😃 

On the negative side, she is now addicted to Coke. This is my fault because I am a Coke drinker always and forever. Chips, chocolates, cookies, I am not worried because she can't even finish a whole bag or bar. Candies...we just don't stock up on it so there would be no temptation. As for food, she likes Chicken Karaage, Beefsteak and Pancake House Fried Chicken. All okay once in a while. Coke remains to be the greatest challenge.

She also developed this habit of not finishing her food. This morning we had what I consider the best kind of weekend breakfast consisting of bacon, sourdough bread, egg cooked sunnyside up, butter, grapes for fruit, calamansi with honey and coffee for me. She only ate bread (no butter 👍) and egg white (👍) but could not / would not finish it.

During this drama, I had cleaned the bathroom sink, swept the floor, made the bed, washed her clothes from yesterday and she was still not done. Solution? Take the phone away for the day. Well that got her moving. In 5 minutes she's done 😜


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