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Actions Do Speak Louder than Words

Sunday, September 3, 2017

I always go through Via's school work and I came across two of her tests in CLE (Christian Living Education).

I was mortified to see the first test. What must her teacher think of me? But I do get so mad at people who don't follow rules, especially those walking with their mobile phones held in front of them like a GPS or some sort of detector. They give you the burden of their safety. Arrrrgh! But I digress. I've been open with Via about overcoming my annoyance and to just be patient with these people. She has commented on how restrained I have been lately and when we pray at night when we go to bed, she always adds, Dear Jesus, please make Mom more patient, Amen.

So I was happy to see this test because I sort of redeemed myself. Ha Ha! 


It just really reminded me that my every move is being observed by my child and my actions and behavior will have a huge influence in the kind of person she becomes. If I want her to be loving, kind, generous, respectful, etc. and most of all Christ centered, then I have to model it for her.

It's a tall order but I intend to do my very best!


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