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Why is She Here?

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tita likes watching teleseryes. She is currently following the story of the Ardientes in Wildflower. Via is usually somewhere near the TV, reading or playing with her My Little Ponies and can hear the dialogue. Sometimes when the scene is particularly loud or dramatic, she glances at the TV. She actually knows the story by now and I think it also helped her improve her Pilipino.

Yesterday, at dismissal in school, Tita told me that she was surprised (shocked would be a more appropriate description) to see the star of Wildflower, Aiko Melendez..

Via: Tita! Why is Emilia here?

Tita: Her daughter must also go to school here.

It was so funny hearing Tita telling me about that scene. Via is updated with teleserye and celebrities. My celeb knowledge stopped at Sharon, Gabby, etc. Guess how old I am ;-)


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