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Obnoxious Girl Update

Monday, January 9, 2017

On weekends, our rule is to spend it with family and mostly staying home. Yesterday afternoon (Sunday), Via and I were playing Frozen Snowball fight on the xbox when there was a loud knock on the door. Via opened it and in burst obnoxious girl who went straight the little chair in front of the xbox. I heard the Ate say to obnoxious girl, “Dito ka muna.” I immediately said that we were going out in a short while. Via said, “Why did you lie?” in a loud voice which they heard of course. I stuck to what I said and made of show of looking for Tita (who I knew was not there). Via said we are already done with church and shopping. I said, “Well I am going out!” No matter that Via repeated again that I was lying, I stuck to it and they eventually left. “Halika na aalis sila.”

When they left, I talked to Via and explained why I lied which is completely opposite to my teaching her not to lie. I had to explain. So I said that she knew how I felt about obnoxious girl and I did not want her in our home ever again. She can play with obnoxious girl once in a while which will teach her how to deal with obnoxious people. I said she was not welcome and I did not like her but I did not want to hurt her feelings because she is a child after all and to behave like that, something is very wrong. Hence, the lie. Via understood. Then I asked her if she wanted obnoxious girl to stay to play and she said not really. That when obnoxious girl was there one time, she grabbed the remote from Via and tuned in to what she wanted to watch which is why Via watched on her ipad.

Tita later said that the Ate texted her but she did not reply. She again received text late afternoon when she was already home and replied to the Ate that she needed to go to Starmall, Alabang.

I just remembered one conversation with obnoxious girl at the lobby. She said that grade 3 was hard and nobody really likes you. Now I know why she said that. I pity her actually but it has been my rule never to meddle with other people’s children unless they will hurt themselves or others. And I’m just not willing to go through the aggravation.


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