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Last Two Days in Jakarta

Monday, January 16, 2017

The day after Christmas was back to the daily grind for Daddy at the hospital. We all had breakfast then he had to go.

I decided to go to nearby Sarinah Thamrin Plaza to look for pasalubong. We took a taxi because Via was tired of walking. Sarinah is a good place to shop for souvenirs. There we got gourmet rock sugar which Via thought was candy, biscotti and tea. We also got local brand (Wardah) lipsticks. There were lots of batik on the top floor.

 From there we walked to Taman Menteng. A park I wanted to go to. Jakarta is a lot like Manila. People look the same, traffic, the heat but the roads are wider, the overpass for pedestrians are well made, sidewalks are even and some even have benches to sit when you’re tired walking and there were a lot of parks. So I was really keen on going to Taman Menteng and Tama Suropati which was nearby. 

It turned out to be quite a long walk although we passed through a residential neighborhood with old trees lining the sidewalk, much like New Manila. Taman Menteng had a fountain in the middle, two playgrounds and two soccer fields. Via headed straight for the swings. There were benches covered with trellis around the soccer fields. It was a nice place to while away the afternoon.

The next day after breakfast we went to Monas. Again we walked because it was very near. Turned out only one gate was open and it was on the other side of where we were so we had to walk all around. We went through Gambir Station which was nice. It’s a train station with shops, so it’s like a mini mall. Via got a Krispy Kreme to munch on while walking. It was a lot more walking than I bargained for but I reached 13,000+ steps that day because of it. Yay!

Monas is a symbol of Indonesia’s independence so it always attracts lots of visitors. There was a long line to get tickets to go inside the monument and another long line for the tram to go around the park. It was really hot so I decided that we can just walk around among the trees and enjoy the breeze. Then we started our trek back to the hotel.

Daddy arrived early evening. He wanted to shop for pasalubong and other stuff for us to bring home but it was late and malls would be closing. We had dinner at this famous place that serves Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih which I found on Travel Advisor. It had super reviews. So we went. The food was super as advertised but it was really dirty. It was outdoors on the sidewalk with long tables and benches. I saw Daddy and, especially Via, look dismayed. But we were already there and we didn’t have time to look for another place. It was expensive too! Now I know why most of the reviews, although raving, mentioned that they ate in their car or bought take out.

After dinner which was already around 9:00 pm, we went to Batavia Old Town. It was very crowded especially in Fatahillah Square. Many people were sitting in groups chatting. We found an empty spot and sat down as well. Daddy asked for my bag. He lay down, put the bag under his head and promptly lay fell asleep. Via, seeing what Daddy did, lay down as well and went to sleep. I just sat there soaking in the local scene. Would have been nice to see the museums.

Back at the hotel, Via asked me what day it was. I said Tuesday. She was surprised and said the week just went by so fast. She was sad to be leaving the next day. I was too. As we did not have time to go shopping, Daddy gave me money in the morning before he left, to shop for what we liked at the airport. I got pasalubong for my officemates and Via, to her surprise, found Stampy’s book (Stampycat is Via's favorite Youtuber and he makes videos about Minecraft) and it was the last copy! She was so happy! Thus ended our Jakarta Holiday adventure.


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