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Jakarta - The Next Two Days

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The next day, Via and I were on our own again. Daddy got to the hotel the night before around 11:00 pm but had to go back to the hospital at 5:00 am in the morning to continue the operation which was halted as the patient was not stable. Plus, there was one other major operation that day. Via was really looking forward to spending time with her Daddy and kept on saying, “I came here to be with Daddy!” Sigh!

Anyway, I looked forward to breakfast. The highlight of every hotel stay for me is the breakfast buffet. I read in Travel Advisor beforehand that there were not many food choices so I was not expecting much variety. Still, I was very happy with what was available and went crazy with the nasi goreng and beef sausages and breads and pastries.

After breakfast, I texted Daddy where we could go that’s near as I did not want to spend money on taxis. Besides, the best way to get to know a place is to walk everywhere. He said there’s a nearby mall called Plaza Atrium. I looked it up in Google Map and saw that it was a 10 minute walk. We had to careful though and remember to look right first then left. Opposite of the rule in Manila. When we neared Plaza Atrium, the overpass for pedestrians was a little further away. It was very hot and I was not keen on walking the extra few meters. So when we saw a few people cross where we were (jaywalking actually), we followed suit J

There was really nothing special, it was a mid-sized mall like Robinson’s Galleria in Manila. We looked at the shops and the grocery. In every country we travel, a visit to the grocery is a must! After buying mostly coffee and ready mix packets for nasi goreng, beef rendang, and chicken curry, we went back to the hotel. We took a taxi as Via was tired from all the walking and it was very hot.

As the objective of this trip was really to spend time with Daddy, we didn’t go out much preferring to wait in the hotel in case he finishes work early.

We spent the afternoon in the pool and soaking in the outdoor Jacuzzi. I told Via the Jacuzzi was my happy place in Jakarta. We had dinner again at KFC Tugu Tani and quickly went back to the hotel. We turned in early, tired from our activities.

Daddy came around 11:30 pm with a BIG plastic bag. He said this is Via’s gift. So I tried to wake Via, but she was really tired and sleepy and hardly stirred. I could tell Daddy was disappointed because I know he was looking forward to Via’s reaction to his gift. He also gave me my gift but since Via cannot open hers yet, I put mine back and we hid both gifts in the closet.

The next day Daddy left early again but was able to come back around lunchtime. He gave Via his gift and as expected Via was transported with happiness. It was what she’s been longing for, for almost two years. Xbox! And he got the latest and it was limited edition. Via kept going on and on about it being limited edition and thanked Daddy over and over and over. I was happy with my gift too and very touched. It's a Samsung Gear Fit2. Every gift I received from him showed that he paid attention to my interests and what I liked


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