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An Aggravating Four Days

Monday, January 9, 2017

The next day after getting back from Jakarta, Via’s schoolmate in pre-school and grade school came over to play. She lives in the same building. We see her with her Mom from time to time in the lobby and in the elevator from to time but this is the first time I’ve been with her for an extended period of time. I usually play a little bit with my daughter’s friends because ….. I like playing with them :) 

This one though, I found overly familiar and obnoxious. I hear her say or rather scream, “What’s wrong with you?”, “Don’t do that!” and other similar expressions a lot, in her whiny voice. At dinner, she got food first. The I said to Via, me next. Via said why? I said because I’m the Mommy. (I am trying to teach Via let older people go first to show respect and courtesy.) Obnoxious girl said why did she get to go first. I said she was a guest and guests go first again as courtesy and to show hospitality. She said Via should be next and grabbed my had to stop me from getting food. Seriously aggravating behavior!  So I sighed with relief when she left with her Ate.

The next day was Saturday and we were waiting for the elevator when out came obnoxious girl’s Mom. She was would be in their beauty clinic all day and could obnoxious girl come play in the afternoon? I said okay, I can endure one more afternoon. When she got there, she went straight to the bedroom and got on the bed beside me. It went downhill from there for me. I heard her complain and whine and scream when she games didn’t go her way. She is what is called pikon. Then Via came to me and said obnoxious girl wanted pizza (I had pizza delivered the day before). Since I wanted pizza myself, I ordered again. She grabbed her share of pizza as and continued playing on Via’s new xbox getting the controller really greasy. I heard Via tell her to wipe the controller and stop playing while she was eating. This was also when I discovered that the xbox app on my phone could control the xbox because I accidentally changed the game they were playing to something else. She howled with anger at being interrupted in her game. Tita, (she’s our relative who takes care of Via and obnoxious girl’s Ate is her friend) later told me that she threw a pillow from the sofa on the floor. I was getting tired of obnoxious girl and was really relieved when she finally went home. I thought that was it because the next day was New Year’s Eve.

At 3:00 pm on New Year’s Eve, there was a knock on the door and guess who it is? I had to really reign my temper and calm myself. It was more of the same, plus when we went up to the rooftop to light up the sparklers, she was so fussy, acting scared of the sparklers (no one forced her to get one!). Then she liked the colored ones and told me why I didn’t buy more, that I should buy more of those. Once all the sparklers were gone we went back down and her Mom just got there to pick her up. Hallelujah! Finally some peace and quiet! But the next day she was back!

At 3:00 pm, I opened the door to a loud knock. Who would it be but obnoxious girl and her Ate. I was speechless that I turned my back and left the door open. Of course she came in. This time I have had it and did not bother to hide it. I let Tita see how dark my face is everytime that girl came near me. And she stays so long way past Via’s bedtime. This time by 7:00 pm, I called Via to take a bath even if that girl was still there. We were in the bathroom taking a shower, taking our time, playing with the water and the soap, when I heard a knock. I let the knocking continue until Tita, who was in her room heard it and opened the door. It was the Ate picking up obnoxious girl. Finally! That’s it! There were more bad behavior that I have not added to this post. I hope to never see her again.


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