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Study Struggles

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Getting Via to develop good study habits has been really hard, Sometimes we're good, even laughing and joking, having fun while studying. Sometimes, it's a battle!

The last terrible study time battle we had ended with me screaming at the top of my voice and pinching her. (I know, bad mommy moment). She cried for like an hour but I didn't want to give in. I could see her peeking in the room but I pretended not to notice. She kept on throwing paper on the bed which I ignored. (I knew they would be Mom, I'm sorry notes). In the end she came inside the room and said she was sorry.

Me: Why are you crying Via?
V: Because you sounded so angry.
Me: I AM very angry!
(More sobbing)
Me: Okay Via, how do you want to study? How often and what time?
Via: 6 o'clock....
Me: All right. Let's do it everyday, 6 o'clock except weekends. Only on weekdays.
Via: Yay!
Me: But...if you have a test on a Monday, then we also study Sunday afternoon. Okay?
Via: Okay.

The next few days were sorta okay. Then semestral exams. I said we have to study everyday because this is the most important test of the year. We barely got started when she started acting up. Doodling, laying her head on the table, basically not doing anything.

I said, "that's it! You study when you want. I won't bug you about it. Put your things away. We're done." Then I got up and went to bed to read my book.

She sat there sniffling. After a while I heard furious scribbling which went on for about 20 minutes. Then she got up and handed me her notebook. She did her homework and wrote me a note.

I am sorry. Even when sometimes I cry like that it is just like you've given up on me, I sad seeing someone I really love just give up on me.
I hugged her and reassured her that I was not giving up on her but that moment I just felt tired that she was not interested in studying and need a rest. She understood and said she would try her best. The rest of the exam week went well with just a few hiccups. 

Still, she did the work and sometimes it was even fun for both of us.


Pearl October 28, 2016 at 2:44 PM  

she really is so smart :-) I love her notes!

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