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Schoolbit #1

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Since Grade 2 students are now allowed to go to the cafeteria at recess, Via was very excited. I thought it would be a good way to start teaching her about saving and budgeting her money. So I decided to give her a weekly allowance of P250 which is P50 per day. But out of that I expected her to save and to tithe. She was agreeable.

I was mortified one night when one parent (her friend Julia's mother) called me on Viber. She said she just wanted to let me know that Via asked for Julia's P100 and Julia gave it to her. I told her I didn't know and that I would talk to Via. She wasn't mad or anything, just wanted me to know. But I was really embarrassed.

While I was talking to Julia's mom, Via was very quiet and was hiding under her blanket. I guess she knew what the call was about. After finishing the call with Julia's mom, I pulled the blanket off Via to talk to her. She started crying. I told her I only wanted to ask her what happened. She just kept on crying and there was no talking to her so I left it at that. She soon drifted off to sleep.

The next day after school, she seemed fine and I really wanted to know the how, what, and why so I asked her again. She hid her face. I told her I just wanted to know. She then said, I will tell you but we will talk about it only this one time and never again. I promised her we will never talk about it again after this.

It was during recess, they were left in the classroom copying reminders in the memo notebook. She saw Julia open her wallet and it had two P100 bills. She asked for the P100 and Julia gave it to her. I asked why? She said she wanted the P100 because she already used up all her allowance for the week and it was only Tuesday. I asked if she forced Julia or anything. She said no. I said okay but reminded her what I kept on saying over and over to never, ever, ask money from other people or borrow anything. If you have to borrow a book or what, return it right away. She promised.

She knew it was wrong because she was ashamed. I hope the lesson stuck.


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