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Summer of 2016

Thursday, June 9, 2016

It seems to me that summer breaks are getting longer and longer. It's more than three months! I dread the time when Via's school decides to adapt the new school year from August to June. That will be 5-6 months break during the transition.

It's hard to find activities to occupy her during the summer. No matter what I have lined up, there are still days when there's nothing to do and she resorts to watching videos on YouTube. It's not like my own childhood when my Mother did not have to worry about how I would pass my time. I just spent the whole day outside the house playing with the neighborhood kids. It was a different time.

So what did she do this summer?

Guitar Lessons and Soccer Training


Swimming Lessons and Pilipino Camp in school

Badminton Training and Hip Hop Dance Workshop


Of course what is summer without going to the beach?

She learned to bike, attended birthday parties and visited Kidzania twice. I asked her which activity she enjoyed most in Kidzania. She said it was the Music Studio. She wants to be a rock star. Arrrgh!


She also finally got her yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do and represented her school at the Ateneo Football Festival.


Whew! I never had that much activity in my time. The most was a Personality Development Course when I was in high school and swimming lessons in Grade 2.


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