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It's Halloween!

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Twerp attended Enopi's Treats and Treats Blowout. It's a special treat for all their students and they got to bring along a friend. Via invited her friend Jiyeon.

She told me that, "Jiyeon will come as a Viking or rather...a Vi-Queen...because she's a girl. Via went as a Cat. A Blue cat! I wanted her go wear her Frozen ballerina costume since she only wore it once but no dice. She has her own mind now. She told me that, as a Blue cat, she would wear black leggings, a plain white T-shirt and her blue jacket. Fine!

I had trouble finding blue facepaint seeing as it's almost halloween and costumes, facepaint, etc., were all out in stores.

So I went to Watson's to see what could be used for facepaint. I found a BLUE KOHL EYELINER that was perfect for drawing cat's eyes and whiskers. She loved it!

Here are the Blue Cat and the Vi-Queen!


Happy Halloween!


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