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Intentional Parenting

Saturday, November 29, 2014

In all my life I have never participated in any outreach mission in depressed areas. When Yolanda happened, I wanted to volunteer for crisis debriefing and stress/trauma counselling but that was shut down before I could sign up.

Today, Via and I joined my office's outreach mission in Isla Pulo in Malabon. It was a very enriching experience for me and I hope my daughter learned something from it too. It IS better to give than to receive. 

Since I had Via, I made a conscious effort to change because if I wanted a daughter that was grounded, giving, compassionate, patient, respectful and God-centered, then I had to be that way too. Which I wasn't. I grew up spoiled and indulged and only thought of myself. I sound really awful, don't I?  I wanted Via to not be like me. I'm glad I learned more about intentional parenting from CCF (Christ's Commission Fellowship) and their Counterflow parenting workshop.

It's still a struggle to change but just looking at my daughter's face reminds my to get back on track whenever I am backsliding.


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