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Still on the Tough Question

Monday, October 6, 2014

Well the follow up question came sooner that I thought.

Via is a big fan of EvanTubeHD and she was watching the EvanTubeHD Commentary on Best 2013 Super Bowl Commercials the other night. One of the commercials was for Kia where a family was in their car and the little boy wanted to know where babies came from.

That got her started again about how babies became well...babies. I repeated my reply a couple days ago that babies start from something like a little seed. Via said, it's not really a seed, it's an egg. I told her that she was right. It was from an egg.

Then she said, how did the egg get inside of Mommy?

I said, well...all girls have eggs. She said, what?! and started to cry, "I don't want to get cut up!"

Okay, this was getting serious fast! She knew about the cutting up because I had a caesarian section.

I said wait, wait, wait! You don't have eggs yet. You're still a baby. When you get your mentruation at may 12 years old, that's when you have eggs. Menstruation is when you see me wearing my diaper. But that still doesn't mean you'll have a baby. You will learn all about it in school later.

She was focused on her fear of being cut up so I told her it's not the only way babies come out. She said where? I said through the peepee. 

What?! No I don't want that! That's ouchie!

I really wasn't handling it too well. She took me by surprise. So I said, let's not talk about this right now because you're getting upset.

Oh dear, let the next time be in a few years please!


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