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A Case of Bullying?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I was happy to know that two of Via's preschool classmates are also her classmates now in big school in Kinder 2. New students were all put in one class because the school had Kinder 1 so old students would have already formed friendships.

The first week of school, Via told me that a classmate pushed her friend Z. The next day, she said this same "dark skinned" girl kicked Z. [Btw, the "dark skin" is just her description of the classmate not to discriminate]. These incidents happened while on the playground during recess.  Friday of that first week was Parent-Teacher Conference day and I expected Z's mom would mention the two incidents to the class adviser. I didn't want to meddle since it was not my kid. I already chatted with Z's mom a few times and bullying was her top most concern since Z is kind of small for her age.

The second week, Via said this girl kicked their other friend J three times and gripped Via's arm very tight. She also borrowed Via's fan and broke it and borrowed her pen and "lost it" when Via asked for it back. I started to think this girl had a problem. At first I thought it might be normal pushing and shoving in the playground that were accidental. The next day, Via said this girl stepped on all of their toes and followed them when they moved away from her. 

That day right after school I got a call from Z's mom because she was now very upset. Z told her about the shoving and the kicking and stepping on toes as soon as she got in the car after school each day that it happened and it was evident that it was upsetting her. On the other hand, Via reported all the incidents to the teacher, the fan and the pen and the stepping on their toes. I didn't want to step in because every time an incident happened I asked what Via did and I was happy with the way she was handling it and she didn't appear to be bothered by it. But Z, when asked by her mom if she told the teacher, she said she did not because the teacher was busy. In any case, Z's mom asked me if I wanted to talk to the teacher or the guidance councilor to bring the matter to their attention. She had also already called the teacher to report it. 

I'm willing to give the girl the benefit of the doubt. She might not know how to ask to play with their group and the shoving, etc. could be her way of getting their attention. Still, it's better to let the school know that there is something going on so they could watch out for it, in case the girl really has a problem.

So yesterday we spoke with the guidance councilor and the assistant principal. They already took steps the last week talking to the girl and her parents and I was assured. The girl is a foreigner so that could be one of the reasons for her behavior, she felt that she didn't fit in maybe.

So it's wait and see for now. As long as it's not bothering Via and she's standing up for herself and handling it, I'll let her be.


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