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What's the meaning of...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My daughter is now in big school. Yay! She is in Kinder 2 and Mommy is so excited! Can't wait for Monday the first day of school. Everything needed on the school list is ready. I can't help na magtaas ng kilay sa ibang items pero na din. Some of these are two rolls of toilet paper, a box of tissue, liquid soap....etc. The emergency kit, they call it "grab kit" I understand. The others....sige na lang.

Before I get totally off track, I wrote this post because Via has been asking the meaning of words she comes across while reading or watching videos. It's great that she's curious but sometimes I really run out of answers. Words that I took for granted were a challenge to define using small words kids understand.


Lately, she took to watching magic's greatest secrets on YouTube and she started asking the meaning of words like
red carpet
bendable babe (yikes!)

So what words have your children asked you to define?


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