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Stay at Home Mom for a Little Time

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I always say, I would love to be a stay at home mom, to be hands on in taking care of my daughter, doing housework...mommy stuff. So I am for a time. Let me say that I love it! I won't say I was not exasperated at times or at the end of my patience but on the whole it was great.

In the morning we would make our breakfast together. That would be around 10am. I let her sleep late because she doesn't get enough sleep. Children  her age needs 12-15 hours sleep and she gets about 10 hours at the most. So we make pancakes or toasted bread and eat breakfast leisurely.

After breakfast if I have an errand we go out but not too long. Via tires easily and I don't want to have to carry her around. We would be home about 2pm then we have our lunch at home. I try to get her to nap after lunch but if she can't fall asleep then we play or watch a video or read. Dinner is at 6pm and bedtime at 8pm.

It was easy to fall back to the way I did housework before I had Via. I made sure I did a little bit of washing clothes, cleaning the house everyday so the housework won't piile up. I look forward to Monday, the start of school. I will be preparing her school snack and bring her to school :) 


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