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December Na! How Time Flies!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

 Been a while since I posted here. So the Twerp turned 5 and will be going to big school next year. She was accepted at our first choice and there was no need to apply to other schools. Yay! 

We are both on vacation, not that we are going anywhere. Daddy only has Christmas Day and New Year off so we are staying put here in Manila. Doesn't seem like fun does it? I am looking forward to almost 3 weeks off work though and spending all that time with the Twerp. I have cooking, crafts and sports activities planned for us. 

In keeping with the simple and frugal living that I want for us, we made our Christmas tree out of leftover crepe paper. Via and I made it together. It's not great but we made it and had fun along the way including an exploding glue gun which promptly ended the activity. 

On the subject of Santa, now that she's really old enough to think for herself, I already decided to tell her that Santa is not real. I said Santa is just like Mickey Mouse. He's not real! I had thought she got the message. However.....

in school, the kids were asked to write to Santa and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. So Via wrote:

Dear Santa, For Christmas I wish pony Reboodas. Via

I thought it was cute :)

The school had their Christmas Program at the Tektite Auditorium. Really serious business! Nobody was allowed backstage except the kids and production staff. Kids must be there at 9am while doors will open for the guests (parents) at 9:40am.

The program was a success! Why not? The audience were all parents and clapped madly after each number.The kids were their cute adorable selves, especially the nursery. And the surprise at the end? Photo op with Santa with a little something after the picture taking.

Via said to me after, "Why did Santa give me a lighting sword? I asked for Rainbow Dash." So I'm back where I started. Explain that Santa is not real.

I did buy Rainbow Dash and put on the gift tag "Merry Christmas Via, From: Santa (Daddy and Mommy). If she asks, the gift from Santa is actually from Mommy and Daddy, a bonus gift for being good all year.

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